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Mileseey TR256A: The Ideal Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical Inspections

Apr 18, 2023 Mileseey tools
Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical Inspections

Importance of thermal imaging camera for electrical inspections

Electrical systems need to be inspected regularly. Electricity failures caused by faulty connections or components can lead to myriad losses. If electricity failure could be addressed early enough, a lot of losses can be avoided. One of the most effective ways to help avoid the breakdown is the use of a thermal imaging camera in that it is a non-contact way of measuring the temperature and inspecting the possible anomalies. Take for instance the case of a factory. The electrical system in a factory usually involves exceptionally high voltage and is extremely dangerous. Getting close to such a system can subject yourself to some serious risks. Inspection of such system many times involves shutting down all the system, which can translate into downtime and possible losses.

electrical inspections

Since thermal imaging is a non-contact solution, none of the systems need to shut down during the inspection. In fact, inspections must be conducted while the systems must be running so that the possible faults can be located. Thermal imaging inspection of electrical system also does not require the removal of any sections of the buildings to access the electrical components. A thermal imaging camera, therefore, plays an essential part in the inspection of an electrical system.

Introducing the Mileseey TR256A thermal imager as the ideal solution for electrical inspections

The diagnosis of the electrical unit is never an easy job and it needs a high-quality reliable thermal imaging camera to measure temperatures accurately. With a 256x192 IR resolution/49,152 pixels and thermal sensitivity ≤ 50 mk, 3.5” large LED screen, and a high frame rate of 25 Hz., MILSEEY TR256A provides high-definition images and makes it much easier to spot anomaly locations during electrical inspections.

Mileseey TR256A

Key Features of the Mileseey TR256A

High IR resolution

MILSEEY TR256A is a powerful and robust handheld thermal camera that measures an expansive temperature range, from-20°-550°. The high-resolution 256*192 pixel infrared camera and 3W integrated white LED flashlight for illuminating dark areas, allows you to say good-bye to blurry images. The added benefits of TR256A also include 6 options for pseudo-color display, 3 temperature measurement figures(max/min/core), as well as picture capturing & video recording to meet your need to record abnormal scenes and adjustable emissivity to compensate the temperature measurement to ensure extra-accuracy. With IP 65 protection against water and dust, 1.5m drop-proof design, a built-in 5000 mAh li-ion battery that enables long working hours, intuitive navigation menu on the user interface, the Mileseey TR256A provides a simple, professional, efficient solution for electricity diagnosis.

Mileseey TR256A High IR resolution


Critical temperature alarm

TR 256A also automatically tracks the highest and lowest temperature and provides a critical temperature alarm when the extreme temperature(low or high) exceeds the standard that’s been previously set. Versatile settings also include distance, screen brightness, and high & low temperature scale (-20°-150°;150°-550°)selections based on the scene to maximize the thermal imaging effects. Download the PC software from to enable screen projection functions via USB cable and view real-time thermal images on PC where images can be analyzed in a three-dimensional methods( point, linear, rectangular boxes).

Mileseey TR256A Critical temperature alarm

Benefits of using the Mileseey TR256A thermal imaging camera for Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspection using TR256A significantly improves the safety of inspection personnel since it is a non-contact assessment. It delivers increased efficiency and accuracy as it does not require the demolishing or removal of any component of the buildings and other infrastructure to access the electrical system. It avoids downtime and consequential losses as it does not involve shutting down of the electrical system. By detecting impending electrical faults, the thermal imager can save money in many ways, like it reduces the risk of electrical fire, helps plan for maintenance and identify the sections that need priority. A good establishment is also likely to attract low insurance premium.

Mileseey TR256A for electrical inspections

Tips for using Mileseey TR256A for electrical inspections

Users should bear in mind a couple of tips before the electrical inspection. By reading meticulously the manual instructions, users should familiarize themselves with the thermal imager and its key features to avoid fumbling when conducting the inspection. The inspection personnel should also get a profound understanding of the electrical systems and presume potential issues so that problems can be pinpointed more quickly. Don’t forget to equip yourself with the necessary safety tools because safety is always rule No.1 on a hazardous electrical inspection job site. This is followed by conducting the inspection where you need to meticulously scan the electrical components and system, analyze the thermal images, and pinpoint the anomalies. Based on  the analyses, ultimate findings and reports are created and documented.

The long-lasting performance of the thermal imaging device also entails the need of proper maintenance and storage. This may first come with the cleaning of the camera lens to remove excessive dirt and oil that are interfering with the measurement accuracy. However, as a rule, clean your camera lens when it is only strictly necessary. You may also need to send it in for regular calibration by the camera manufacturer so that the thermal camera can accurately measure the radiation it detects. While TR256A has an IP 65 protection rate and 1.5m drop-proof to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it still needs to be properly stored and transported to ensure its long-lasting performance. Strict adherence to the safety instructions is a must before measurement.

Real-World Applications of the Mileseey TR256A

There are a wide range of real-world applications of TR256A in electrical inspection. Conductors form a large part of an electrical network and are susceptible to wrong, loose connections or contact that may lead to a breakdown. When the area around a loose connection gets hotter than the surrounding area, it can be easily picked up by the thermal imager. Thermal imaging is also very effective in troubleshooting of overloaded circuits. One indication of an overloaded circuit is the stressed breaker that controls the flow of electric current. An overloaded circuit means the breaker will be operating on an extreme edge and often appears hot on both ends.TR256A also works perfectly in monitoring transformers used to step-down electric circuits for easy distribution. The thermal imaging camera can check the temperature of the coils inside and determine if they are working in an optimal way. The overheating of the exterior might either indicate too much load or loose connections. Transformer inspections can help determine whether there is a fault and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Using a thermal camera, it is also possible to identify some of the inefficient micro-solar panels, allowing you to have an idea that some solar panels are losing heat that could have been converted into electrical energy.

electrical inspections


To wrap it up, with high resolution and superior image quality, precise temperature measurement, multiple color palettes, intelligent image analysis algorithm, intuitive user interface, the easy-to-use TR256A thermal imaging camera is designed as a fast and accurate troubleshooting inspection device that requires zero training for electrical system inspection.

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