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How can l buy from this store?

Just register or login your own buyer account with the email address easily then have the benefits including discount automatically, and complete the order confirmation.


Are you the manufacture?

Yes, we are one of the leading manufacture in laser technology products with more than 13 years experience in R&D, manufacture and marketing. We are the brand owner of Mileseey and is our official brand store.We sell products to more than 50 countries in the global market including North America, South America, Eu, UK,and most Asia countries.


Do you support distribution or reselling business?

We can provide long term support for distribution or reselling business,and also support drop shipping business just send us more details at Contact us page in the support menu.


ls there any promotion or discount?

We run the regular discounts and promotions, so stay tuned for exclusive deals and take the chance to have the desired product.


Do you have stock for the selected products?

Yes, we always keep enough ready stock for all products. Once the product is out of stock, the system will display the information of  "out of stock” at in the product page and not available to complete an order.


How can I get support for the purchased item?

Normally we have online message or chat service on each store for fast response and support, if customer is not availble to contact the online team, please kindly refer to this link for more details: