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About us

Mileseey is the world leading provider of smart electronic measurement instruments, with over 18 years’ ingenuity and perseverance in the field. As a full-spectrum company, Mileseey has technologies spanning from chip development, foundation driver, photoelectric modules, AI algorithms, to user-layer application development. We are one of the few brands operating as an all-in-one entity, integrating industrial design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales. We have now grown to become one of the top three brands for laser measurement tools globally.


Driven by our core technologies and global market demand, Mileseey stands as an esteemed company dedicated to providing the consistent professionalism and innovation in photoelectric products for global users, aiming to empower a diverse range of individuals to enjoy a life of exceptional quality and well-being.


Brand Story

In 2006, Jore, a young engineer, stumbled upon a remarkable measuring tool that was used exclusively by expert surveyors—the laser distance meter (LDM). Inspired by its potential to benefit people from all walks of life, he dedicated three years to inventing the “dual-emitter single-receiver” laser precision technology, giving birth to the world's first consumer-grade professional LDM and founded MILESEEY in 2009, a company dedicated to crafting more visionary and innovative products that can benefit everyone.


As Jore had envisioned, MILESEEY has devoted itself to speciality and innovation. We are the first to integrate smart operating systems into LDMs, the first to combine laser precision with tape measure, and the first to actualize the miniaturization of LDM. Our latest generation of measuring products feature bilateral measurement capabilities and a unique tape digitalization technology, revolutionizing the household electronic tools industry.


Today, Mileseey has grown into a global technology powerhouse, with over 300 talented employees, standing proud as the company with the world's largest LDM user base, with products serving over 10 million users in over 100 countries worldwide.


Our Mission:

We strive to empower a diverse range of individuals to enjoy a life of exceptional quality and well-being through unparalleled expertise and next-gen innovation.


Our Vision:

To transcend the confines of human perception and unveil a world of limitless possibilities that expands our senses beyond imagination