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Space Transformation Companion

D9 Pro

Laser Measurement with Aligning Indicator
Pro Series


Outdoor Laser Measurement

Space Master Series

DP20 Pro

Bilateral Laser Measurement

Pocket Size, Infinite Sight

TP2 Plus

Thermal Camera for iPhone and Android
Best Value


Handheld Thermal lmager

Dual Cameras, Sight Intenses


Handheld Thermal lmager


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Next-gen Laser Digital Tape

Voices from Mileseey Community

I'm really impressed with the DT20's compact design—it's super handy for all sorts of measuring jobs around my house and workshop. The LCD digital display is a game-changer, making it so much easier to read than old-school tape measures, especially in dim environments. What a step up!
DP20 Pro
The bilateral laser tech on this tool blew me away—it makes measuring distances a piece of cake. And syncing measurements to my phone via Bluetooth? Incredibly convenient! it far exceeds my expectations with amazing precision and versatility.
D9 Pro
The Mileseey D9 Pro is a marvel of innovation. It features dual aligning lasers, an intuitive touchscreen, and top-notch accuracy, all wrapped up in an affordable package. It feels like it’s bringing professional-level features into everyday use, making precision tasks so much simpler.

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