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Tips for Designers to Measure with Laser Radiation Measurement Devices

Mar 26, 2024 Mileseey tools
Tips for Designers to Measure with Laser Radiation Measurement Devices


Everyone has different aesthetics and ideals for the perfect house; however, not everyone is lucky enough to experience a dramatic house renovation like the one portrayed on the popular Japanese show that’s a dramatic change. Measurements play a pivotal role in transforming the most cramped spaces into perfect, innovative, and ingenious space-saving design solutions. A good laser measurement device will allow you to capture accurate measurement data and come up with creative flooring plans and design solutions.

In this article, we will discuss the design problems associated with measurements and how eliminating these problems solves over ninety percent of space issues. Apart from that, the basic measurements and the importance of the laser radiation measurement devices are also covered to help you aware of how the measuring tool matters in your design.

Outdoor Flagship Distance MeterLaser Measure withCamera

Problems That Worse Measurement Brings in House Design

The wrong measurement is the source behind many bad decisions associated with house design. From cramped to disorganize spaces, design flaws stemming from the wrong measurement become apparent as more time goes by. They can also lead to poor air circulation within the house, affecting the quality of life. Wrong measurements, more often than not, occur due to inaccurate instruments. Hence, we recommend using a reliable laser radiation measurement device to avoid the following problems.

  • Wrong building area

Moving over to slightly more obvious problems of taking the wrong measurements, we have the wrong building area. As measurements are taken to define the boundaries for every room in the house, deviation of measuring data leads to a wrong map about the total building area, resulting in poor flooring plans.

  • Non-adaptive furniture size

Furthermore, it also negatively affects the furniture size because furniture is bought according to the measurements. The incorrect measuring result leads to mistakenly buying furniture sets that do not fit your space and cause a lot of trouble; for instance, the desk is so high that it hides the power outlet, or the sofa is too big to be squeezed into the tiny room.

  • Annoying reworking

The story does not end here. After everything ends up a mess, you need to stop complaining and put a lot of effort into reworking all the unbearable things, including repaving the floorings, exchanging the non-adaptive furniture, reorganizing the furnishing, which is time-wasting and labor-consuming.


Mileseey IP65 Waterproof & Dustproof Laser Measure

Key Measurements for Designers

There are a few key measurements that designers need to be careful about not messing up the entire housing design. These include but are not limited to:

  • Basic area measurements include floor, walls, doors, and windows. Messing up basic measurement results costs you extra time and effort and may result in a loss of profit.
  • The specification of important components, along with the thickness of all structural components, is important to consider for measurements to avoid annoying reworking.
  • The measurements regarding the verticality and flatness of the walls, locating pipes and wires, and the house's outdoor environment also help better the overall house design.

Along similar lines, we recommend using laser radiation measurement devices to capture all the measurements mentioned above accurately. In addition, reliable laser radiation measurement devices not only ensure accurate measuring data but also come with other innovative features that make accurate measurements a piece of cake.


Mileseey P9

What Mileseey P9 Brings to Designers

Now that we have already discussed the importance of correct measurements, let's talk about the best laser radiation measurement device to conduct the measuring task. Many distance-measuring instruments are available on the market; however, not all of them provide accurate measurement data. Likewise, with all the laser radiation measurement devices on the market, buying a reliable instrument from a trustworthy manufacturer is important to avoid inaccurate measurements.

Subsequently, P9 by Mileseey is an excellent laser radiation measurement device equipped with a camera viewfinder and reliable measurements. Besides, P9 by Mileseey is a wonderful tool for indoor and outdoor laser measure. It allows P2P remote measurement with an accuracy of ± 1mm with 300m.

Some of its powerful, distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

  • P9 by Mileseey not only provides accurate measurements but also enables you to capture long-distance measurements over 300 meters.
  • Undoubtedly, it seems to be the best outdoor measurement solution with PowerBurst and PowerChirp patents, along with both bright and dark modes.
  • Similarly, it has four modes of power supply, and wireless charging is included, securing your long-time measurement.
  • This hand-held measuring device has powerful picture storage (memory for thousand measurements plus hundred pictures) and sharing capability supported by Bluetooth.
  • With 16 measuring functions and powerful laser tracking technology, this laser radiation measurement device is the perfect tool for every designer out there.
  • Its 3-inch large display allows a more comfortable viewing for engineers and designers who have to pay attention to the data on the screen.


In this article, we discussed design problems associated with measurements. For the solution, Mileseey will be your best choice. As a high-tech enterprise, we own a thorough product development line, including industrial design, research & development, and manufacturing to provide laser measurements for worldwide customers. As for the rewards of devoting ourselves to launching more tackle tools for professional measuring, we achieve many independent intellectual property rights such as utility model patents, invention patents, and trademark copyrights, guaranteeing Mileseey as your most reliable supplier. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further queries that you might have.

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