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The World's 1st Modular Digital Laser Tape Designed for Creativity
A pro-grade modular digital laser tape measure that marries digital tape and laser measurement module, letting you freely and accurately measure anywhere in space, near or far.
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Enduring Modular Innovation
Experience lasting utility with XTape1's modular design. The easily replaceable tape modules keep your device cutting-edge and eco-friendly, reducing costs and waste.
Measure Any Distance, Near Or Far
The XTape1 combines a digital tape module with a laser measuring part in a modular setup. A clear OLED screen shows measurements of both the tape and laser digitally. With a simple mode switch, you can measure any distance, near or far, all with one device.
Unleash your full creative potential in any projects.
Easy Measuring of Inaccessible Areas
The inclusion of a laser unit enables fast and accurate non-contact measurements up to 330ft, making it easy to measure hard-to-reach areas without physical strain.
Indirect length
Indirect Height

Auto calculation of horizontal length.

More Creative Use
The 1/N line splitting function helps you evenly distribute items. With the incremental and internal functions, complex measurements require no math.
1/N Line Split

Split a line into N equal intervals.

Top-Grade Green Laser, Easy Cross-Surface Alignment
The XTape1 incorporates the highest-grade green aligning laser, featuring unparalleled laser brightness and extended range, perfect for aligning any elements in the space.
Live Angle Display for Real-time Angle Feedback
Thanks to the sophisticated angle measuring tech, the Xtape1 displays real-time angle changes when you rotate or tilt the device. The green laser reference ensures ease and accuracy in intricate angle measurement.  
Peak Accuracy
Utilizing groundbreaking vision-based technology for digital tape reading, the XTape1 produces digital data with unprecedented accuracy within +/-1/32”, ensuring superior-quality work.
Unmatched Performance in Harsh Conditions
Equipped with the advanced algorithm that adjusts for various environmental factors such as dust, water, and tape scratches, plus the grade-1 stainless steel tape blade, the XTape1 maintains unyielding precision even in the harshest conditions.