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Transform Your Android Phone into a Thermal Camera with Mileseey TR256i

Apr 18, 2023 Mileseey tools
MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android

What is thermal imaging

Thermography, or thermal imaging, is a process where infrared(IR) radiation of objects is converted into visible images that depict the spatial distribution of temperature differences in a scene captured by a thermal imaging camera. 

Thermal imaging involves the use of thermal cameras, which are capable of detecting the radiation in the long-infrared range in the electromagnetic spectrum, which lies between 9,000 and 14,000 nanometers.

MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android

Importance of thermal imaging in various fields

Since infrared radiation is emitted by all objects with a temperature above absolute zero, thermal imaging makes it possible to see objects in an environment even in the absence of visible illumination, which is what makes thermal imaging so useful. The amount of radiation emitted by an object changes with temperature. Warm items usually stand out well against cooler backgrounds, which is why humans & warm-blooded animals are easily visible against the environment, day & night. This is why thermal imaging has a wide range of applications like electrical maintenance, identifying leakage, animal & pest management, health care & medicine, fire fighting, and law enforcement.

Mileseey TR256i thermal camera for Android in various fields

Introducing Mileseey TR256i thermal camera for Android

MILESEEY TR256i is a small, lightweight & compact on-the-go thermal camera attachment designed to transform your android cellphone into a thermal imaging camera. You can conveniently take the thermal imaging device to your inspection site and make a connection to your android mobile device and open an App to easily detect the thermal heat signatures. The powerful 256*192 thermal imaging sensor diagnoses thermal problems with extra clarity. Lightweight & powered by a cellphone, the TR256i thermal camera for Android is not only user-friendly but designed for prolonged use.

Mileseey TR256i thermal camera for Android

Amazing features of Mileseey TR256i

The MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android provides record-breaking 256*192 pixel IR images at a thermal sensitivity of <50mk and measure temperatures from -15℃ ~ 600℃ (-5℉~1112℉). The device also has smartphone app support that offers innovative temperature analysis.

MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android

 The paired thermal imaging app for android uses point, linear, and regional temperatures to assist you in determining low and high with self-defined points as a standard.

MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android

The thermal imager provides adjustable upper and lower temperature limits and allows you to customize the range based on the scene to maximize the imaging effect and enables easier troubleshooting. The thermal camera also enables efficient monitoring and provides critical-temperature alarms both with low temperatures and with very high temperatures. The in-total 6 color palettes make readings more informative and easier to visualize. You can choose from the high-resolution rainbow, white hot, red hot, iron, and cold blue for clear vision and easy thermal tracking. The handheld thermal camera also lets you take pictures or videos with true accuracy. The versatile settings also include emissivity, allowing the thermal imager to compensate their measurement based on the emissivity value and offer the most accurate temperature readings possible once the emissivity is correctly adjusted.

MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android color palettes

Benefits of using Mileseey TR256i

The multifunctional thermal imager for Android phones can be used to quickly identify and inspect pipe leaks, as well as the water pipes that are laid under the floor or plasterboard. TR256i easily detects the true heat of the pipe radiated through the surface. Electrical faults are one of the most common problems in buildings. In most cases, these problems are invisible to the naked human eye. But the use of TR256i can immediately identify the hot spot on infrared images. It also assists in detecting pests and animal infestations. It is also widely used in auto-repairing, such as thermal analysis of the engine, vehicle exhaust system, heat transfer, fault diagnosis of the brake system, the tire, and the air conditioning system.

MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android Applications


How to Transform Your Android Phone into a Thermal Camera

It only takes a couple of steps to convert your android phone into a powerful thermal imaging camera. Mileseey provides the QR code for downloading the thermal app via mobile browsers. This is followed by connecting the thermal imager to your Android phone or tablet and then running the app with an intuitive interface displaying various function icons like settings, photo taking, video recording, and color palettes. The versatile settings include emissivity, humidity, high & low temperatures range, language, unit, etc. Photo-taking and video recording only involve a button click. The infrared images and recorded videos will be automatically stored in the album. The app offers three-dimensional temperature measurements of points, lines, and rectangular boxes in a particular region in which the real-time max, low temperature will be displayed.

The thermal imaging app analyzes the thermal images by highlighting the high-temperature regions on the current color palettes. There is a colored temperature bar on the right side of the interface through which you can adjust the temperature range via the slider on the bar. This feature facilitates troubleshooting on many scenarios that focus solely on temperature values of high-temperature regions. When the maximum temperature on the screen exceeds the alarm threshold that’s been previously set, the thermal imager would sound a critical-temperature alarm and the screen will also flash a red alarm.


To wrap it up, Mileseey TR256i is a powerful thermal imaging camera for Android that works as a perfect troubleshooting device in electrical inspection, building inspection, restoration, and HCAV repair. The compact and lightweight thermal imager that pairs with Android phones allows you to monitor temperature whenever and wherever. For inspections that require extra hand or body or many other physical exertions without the help of others, a mini portable thermal camera for smartphone is always better than an independent bulky thermal imager. Being lightweight & portable in design makes the thermal camera perfect to move around with ease during entire inspections, speeding up the process and ensuring a high degree of accuracy in your result.

MILESEEY TR256i thermal camera for Android

In home or business protection scenarios, it is cost-effective to own a MILESEEY TR256i thermal imaging camera for Android as it helps reduce the number of false alarms, which is accomplished using analytic software that can perform at its highest caliber with high contrast images and videos that the thermal provides.

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