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Unlock A New World of Possibility of PCBA Analysis

Cutting-edge PCBA Thermal Inspection

The TR256P is an advanced thermal camera kit specifically tailored for accurate inspection of printed circuit boards assembly(PCBA) and tiny chip-level components. With an integrated stand, It allows engineers to quickly detect abnormalities in the circuit board, unlocking a new level of R&D and troubleshooting efficiency.

Flexible Inspection Distance

The focusing distance between the measurement objects and the camera is flexible, ranging from 100mm to 150mm. Equipped with an optional macro lens that can be added to the base camera, you can observe object at a focusing distance as short as 30mm, perfect for inspecting small targets.

Exceptional Clarity of Thermal Imagery

Boasting an impressive thermal resolution of 256x192 pixels and advanced thermal image processing algorithms, the TR256P ensures clear and detailed thermal imagery, making your inspections more precise and more efficient.

Versatile PC Software Analysis

This USB-connected PC software features multiple analysis modes designed for diverse PCB R&D needs. A troubleshooting mode for fast fault identification on circuit boards, a 3D Analysis mode for intuitive visualization of thermal distribution to detect more subtle current changes, and a Comparison mode between functional and faulty PCBs speeds up fault detection.

Easy Connection to Mobile Terminals

The device can be easy connected to mobile terminals of Android with an App standing out with various analysis features such as point, line, and zone  temperature measurement, taking thermal pictures and videos saved to your mobile device for follow-up analysis.

Temperature Alarm

The device automatically tracks the highest, lowest and center temperature and allows you to set the extreme temperature threshold and sounds alarms once the temperature measured exceeds the threshold, applicable both in PC software and mobile APP, give immediate notice of the problem.

Highest Temperature
Lowest Temperature
Automatically Tracks Temperature
High Temperature Alarm

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