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What is the Best Laser Tape Measuring Tool

Jul 14, 2022 CrossBorder Digital
best laser tape measure

With the ever-evolving technology, surveyors, landscapers, and construction companies have embraced the use of a laser measuring tool in measuring longer and wider areas as opposed to using a traditional tape measure. With this tool, you can easily measure certain distances almost instantly using the laser tape measure, which would be a great tool for a variety of activities. 

Find out what is the best laser measuring tool, and avoid the struggles and the uncertainty when purchasing these laser tape measures. Mileseey has designed and developed two of the best laser tape measures: the Mileseey DT11 and Mileseey DT20 laser tape measures, which will serve you greatly due to their outstanding features.

Mileseey best outdoor laser measure

Types Of Tape Measure

1. Steel tape measures

Steel or alloy are the two common metals used to make steel tape measures. They function by measuring the object's length.

2. Fiberglass measures

Metal tape measures shatter more frequently than fiberglass ones do. Additionally, they are simpler to operate and lighter.

3. Non-metal tape measures

A flexible tape measure produced without metal is known as a non-metal tape measure. Tape measures used for fashion and tailoring are a great example.

4. Digital tape measures

A tool that measures distances and determines the space size is the digital tape measure. It is an electrical gadget having buttons for choosing specific functions and a display screen.

5. Laser tape measures

For measuring distances that are quite extensive for a standard measuring tape, utilize a laser tape measure.

What is Laser Tape Measure?

Laser tape measures serve as a decent substitute for metal tape measures. A laser distance measurer is employed when determining the period of time taken by a laser pulse before it reflects off a target and returns to its source.

Qualities of a laser tape measure

  • Good and bright display
  • Enhanced connectivity and storage
  • Wide range of functionality
  • Accuracy and measurement range
  • Serves both indoor and outdoor functions

Features of a laser tape measure

  • Battery life indicators - Informs the user of how much battery life is left.
  • Sound warnings-Indicating that the device is ready to take a measurement or warning the user about a low battery.
  • Automated cutoff feature - Extends battery life.
  • Holsters - They do make it simpler to carry, store, and retrieve the laser measurer when needed.

Difference between a traditional tape measure and a laser measure

1. Accuracy

Compared to conventional tape measures, outdoor laser distance measurers are more accurate.

2. Ease of use

When measuring with a traditional tape measure, at least two people are needed, but with an outside laser distance measurer, typically just one person is needed.

3. Quick use

Laser distance measures are more practical to use when compared with traditional distance measurements.

4. Most durable

A laser tape measure is less durable than the traditional one since it requires very precise calibrations and maintenance to acquire effective performance.

5. Easiest to calibrate

Tiny objects, like the diameter of a small pipe, can be easily measured with traditional tape measures.

6. Safety

Using an outdoor laser tape measure is safer than using a traditional tape measure, since there is no risk of accidentally cutting your fingers on the metal ruler's sharp edge.

7. Affordability

A laser tape measure is quite more expensive than the traditional one due to the level of technology used.

Functions of a laser tape measure

Mileseey DT11 Laser Tape Measure features

Mileseey DT11 Laser Tape Measure is a 2-in-1 laser tape measure for both short and long distances. You can use the physical tape measure for up to 5 meters and the laser measure for 40 meters.

DT11 2-In-1 best laser tape measure

1. Exceptional precision and 2-in-1 metric

To meet various objectives, the laser tape used both a laser measure and a tape measure. You can measure 5 meters for short distances and 20 meters using the laser measure. The precision of the integrated laser measurement module may reach 2 micrometers.

2. Power-efficient & Reusable

The laser tape measure is battery-powered, cost-effective, and enduring thanks to the adoption of lithium as the electrical power source for the tape measure. It’s a rechargeable laser tape measure with 5 hours of continuous measurement operation.

3. Variety Keys & Simple Procedure

To change measurement mode and see records, use the menu icon. The gauging button may be used for simultaneous analysis as well. The very last button controls the feet and measurement basis switches. Three buttons provide you with additional options and flexibility, which greatly simplifies your job.

4. HD Built LED Screen and Retractable Crank

Different from other conventional laser tape measures, this one has a rear graphic LCD, which has an improved viewing effect and is harder to reflect. Additionally, the ferromagnetic hook can securely adhere to any metal object, increasing both the steadiness of use and measuring precision.

5. IP54 protection

Makes it waterproof and dustproof in case it's in contact with dust or water.

Mileseey DT11 Laser Tape Measure functions

The device is an automated rangefinder that may be utilized in warehouses, homes, businesses, and other locations. Use this tape measure to laser-mark significant objects.

1. Helps in establishing area measurements

Measure length and breadth one at a time, and the laser tape will compute the measurement area for you.

2. Aids in the measurement of volume

Simply measure the length, breadth, and height after pressing the menu button to enter the volume measuring mode.

3. Assists in Pythagorean measurement

The laser tape will automatically compute the opposite right-angle edge of the triangle, thus only one straight edge and one hypotenuse need to be measured.

Mileseey DT20 Digital Distance Laser Tape Measure features

Mileseey DT20 Digital Distance Laser Tape Measure is a 3-in-1 digital distance meter for both short and long distances. Just like Mileseey DT11 Laser Tape Measure, Mileseey DT20 thus functions by measuring the distance, width, volume, and Pythagoras of objects or surfaces.

Mileseey best DT20 3-In-1 laser tape measure

1. Ergonomic handheld grip design

This laser measure is a portable distance measure ergonomically designed for easy handling and built with a variety of measurements - volume and area distance, etc.

 2. Precision and speed

Mileseey DT20 tape measure can measure 5 meters or 16ft with high accuracy (only 1/16 in. margin of error). The laser measure side of it offers up to 131ft (only ⅛ inches margin of error).

 3. Bluetooth's connectivity and rechargeable

Bluetooth's connectivity allows you to send measurements you get to mobile apps. The rechargeable lithium battery features economical and environment-friendly. You can easily plug it in when you need to power it up again.

 4. Diversified measures

You can utilize different measurements such as distance, continuous, area, volume, Pythagorean (2-point), and Pythagorean (3-point) measurements. Plus, it also offers calibration, reference change, and unit switchable.

You can use Mileseey DT20 for indoor decoration, DIY design, construction, logistics, warehouses, etc.

5. Pocket-size belt clip

Make measurements easier with Mileseey DT20’s compact size. It fits easily on any pocket and the metal belt clip for easy carrying on pockets, belts, jackets, or even tool pouch. Plus the tape lock prevents any possible harm.

Mileseey DT20 Laser Tape Measure functions

The device is an automated rangefinder that may be utilized in warehouses, homes, businesses, and other locations. Use this tape measure to laser-mark significant objects. 

Wrapping It Up

Laser tape measures have a lot to offer since they are more reliable when it comes to accuracy than the standard tape measure. It is pretty straightforward to use as long as you have grasped how to set units and control some features; you need to set up the laser tape measure, learn how to subtract and sum up distances, trace previous measurements and learn to measure indirectly.

Mileseey is the leading brand for golf rangefinders, laser tape measures, laser distance measures, and night vision equipment.

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