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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Thermal Night Vision Rangefinder

Apr 26, 2022 Mileseey tools

Hunting! It was once a necessity for survival which has become a sport for those in the developed world. Many animals are nocturnal, so hunting at night is the best option. Nightfall, unfortunately, alters the odds in favor of the successful track of the animals for the hunters. However, night vision rangefinder optics can help put some of the power back in the hands of the hunter. Read ahead to learn about the current weakness of most night vision devices.

Deer Hunting

Common Issues of Night Vision Rangefinder Devices

  1. Not So Clear to See at Night 

You must be able to identify the target clearly while hunting at night time. If that is not possible, you may end up shooting in a different direction, which could cause any mishap or problem.

  1. Narrow Working Temperature Range 

The working temperature range of most night vision devices is not wide enough to enjoy hunting during cold seasons. Night vision becomes hazy or nearly opaque and even stops functioning in extremely cold conditions.

  1. Small Battery

A night vision device has a smaller battery range which is not the best thermal monocular for human predators while they pursue hunting wild species. Having a rangefinder with a high-charging output is the ideal option.

  1. Vulnerable to Drops and Water

It is inevitable to fall your night vision on the ground when chasing the animals in the rough environments in the mountains. Also, it may become foggy at night so a night vision rangefinder with no water-proof ability will be eroded by water, thus shortening the lifespan.

Deer Hunting

Mileseey TNV10 Night Vision Rangefinder

If you are looking for a night vision rangefinder that can keep away the issues mentioned above, then Mileseey TNV10 is ideal. This product offers long-distance viewing, image clarity, and durability simultaneously. Below are some of its features.

  1. Thermal Imager and 256*192 Infrared Resolution

TNV10 night vision rangefinder features excellent detection and imaging capabilities, making it suitable for anyone looking for a close-up view of adjacent items and their surroundings. It has a sensitive 256*192 thermal sensor with a pixel size of 12m and a NETD of 40mK. Users can also make use of variable brightness and contrast features.

  1. Wide Working Temperature

The thermal imaging monocular night vision rangefinder models on the market can only operate at temperatures up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the TNV10 can operate at temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, due to its temperature-resistant feature, it is ideal for you to use this thermal monocular for hunting in snow or haziness.

  1. 16-Hour Battery

Mileseey TNV10 Rangefinder provides you with lasting performance. It comes with a high-capacity lithium battery that can run for up to 16 hours on a single charge. You can also charge it through an external power bank or inside a vehicle.

  1. IP65 Waterproof

External damage is not a worry for the TNV10 night vision rangefinder. It is IP65 rated, i.e., it is dustproof and waterproof. With this feature, this device can easily be used in rainy or hazy conditions.

  1. 1-meter drop-proof

TNV0 night vision rangefinder will not get damaged if dropped from a height up to one meter. You can stay assured even if it is in the hands of children.

  1. Five Color Palettes

This monocular rangefinder has five display settings for optimal visibility: white-hot, black-hot, green-hot, red-hot, and iron-red. By hitting the 'M' button on the controllers, you can swap between them. These color combinations help in hunting at different hours of the day.

  1. 4X Zoom

Mileseey night vision rangefinder also features digital zooming that can magnify the image as per your requirement. i.e., two or four times.

Mileseey TNV10 night vision rangefinder

How to Make TNV10 Function

You can learn how to operate Mileseey TNV10 night vision rangefinder with the control buttons. It is a compact device that can be held in a single hand with ease.

  • The control keys of TNV10 are designed especially for a smooth grip. In addition, you can manage them effortlessly on long excursions. The one-handed grip also decreases the need for extra movement, making it easier to hide in the dark while observing your target.
  • The focus of the monocular can be adjusted easily. You need to use your thumb to turn the button on the left side of the observation aperture.
  • The TNV10 can be used with an external laser distance finder. After connecting the devices, hold down the "Zoom in" key for 1 second to see the distance between the specified objects in the display.
  • The eyepiece is composed of eco-friendly silicone that is easy on the eyes even when worn for lengthy periods.


Key Takeaway!

A night vision rangefinder is especially used in hilly or mountainous areas where the weather is cold, and hunting is more common. With all its features and functions, you must have a better understanding of this particular device offered by us at Mileseey. Our product offers exceptional functioning and is durable under tough conditions. 

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