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Top 5 Benefits of Using a General Laser Tape Measure in Building Construction

Dec 24, 2021 CrossBorder Digital
advantage of a laser measuring tool

Taking measurements can appear as one of the troublesome but vital areas, especially in building construction. An accurate measurement is not only the foundation of construction but also the warranty of safe and qualified buildings; inaccurate measures may cause harmful effects, including deviation on structure, uneven force, slant, or even collapse.

While thinking about the solution to taking accurate measurements, general laser tape measures with innovative design and ease of use make themselves suitable for multiple types of measuring objects. Meanwhile, having a general laser tape measure makes conducting building construction so much more manageable.

How easy is it to use the general laser tape measures? Check the three steps of instruction before diving into its creation and the top five benefits of applying it.

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How the Laser Measurer Works

Fast but precise measurement guarantees the smooth progress of building construction, and that is what laser measurers offer. It's pretty simple to use a laser measure to get the calculation you need. To get your laser measurer to work, all you need to do is follow three easy steps:

  • Press the button to get your device started.
  • Get to the target you want the readings from.
  • That’s it. You can now get the distance reading for your desired target.

Shortcomings of Traditional Tape Measurer and Laser Measurer

Now that a laser measurer is so convenient to be used, why can’t it replace the traditional tape measurer? That is because both of them have their own cons or shortcomings when it comes to taking measurement readings.

Traditional Tape Measurer

When it comes to traditional tape measurer, it suffers from two major disadvantages, which reduce its appeal in the eyes of potential buyers. The first disadvantage is its low accuracy rate compared to other products on the market. Remember that having high accuracy ratio is the basic requirement of a good measurer, but the traditional tape measure fails to fulfill it.

Also, its use can result in you ending up with potentially scratched fingers, which may make it hard for you to go through your everyday tasks due to the pain – plus, it's not a good look.

Copyright photo from https://unsplash.com/photos/Iy3OdKaszJs

Laser Measurer

Moving over to the disadvantages of laser measurer——the cons are quite technical compared to the traditional measurer. The laser measurer needs a reflecting object in order to provide the reading. A reflecting object is necessary because laser measurement devices work on the principle of reflection of a laser beam. Even though the device provides a highly accurate reading, it might be considered a bit cumbersome in some cases.

Measuring things with no barriers on both sides is already a troublesome task for laser measurers, not to mention the measuring objects that are even smaller than a laser measurer. At the very beginning, the most convenient measuring method for small stuff is to count the inches of a ruler, which laser measurers don't have any. The laser measurers can only work if there are barriers on both sides of the measuring object, bringing a lot of trouble to building constructing measures like getting the length of a pillar or the diameter of a hole for water pipes.

The solution of overcoming all the shortages is straightforward——Combine the two measurers, and add a digital data display screen. With the 3-in-1 digital laser measuring tape, dealing with all the building constructional measurements is more convenient, thanks to its flexibility and portability.

laser tape measure

Why Is a General Laser Tape Measure the Perfect Choice for You?

A general laser tape measure provides highly accurate readings with outstanding ease of use. You may encounter several laser tape measure manufacturers; however, only Mileseey provides cost-effective DT20 laser tape measure with unbeatable quality, ensuring its suitability for all kinds of tasks requiring accurate distance measurement. Accordingly, DT20 by Mileseey is a laser distance measuring device that offers the following benefits.

  1. It supports highly accurate readings for long-distance and short-distance measurements (tape measure for short distances and laser measure for long distances).
  2. Mileseey general laser tape measure is capable of conducting fast measurements, whether you are going to use it for single measurement or continuous measurement.
  3. Similarly, they are suitable for curvy and straight measurements. They have the ability to equally serve the purpose for both area measurement and volume measurement.
  4. Along with their compact design and clear reading with HD backlight display, they are extremely easy and convenient to use, with little to no learning curve.
  5. Their powerful accessories, such as positive toggle lock, USB charging, Bluetooth for data transfer, and high-quality display, make taking readings unproblematic.


By discussing the shortcomings of using traditional and laser tape measures individually, general laser tape measures as the creative combination show the unparalleled benefits and advantages. As for the requirement of accurate and precise measurement for building construction, Mileseey gives the solutions of convenient general laser tape measures that secure the buildings’ safety by unerring data. Having nearly 12 years of experience in design, research, and development in photoelectric development, we have expanded our business map to more than 50 countries and have achieved 129 intellectual property applications, making us the best supplier for you to cooperate with.

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