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Top 5 Benefits of Mileseey Bluetooth Laser Measure

Oct 9, 2021 Mileseey tools

Bluetooth laser measure is the product of modern technology used to measure short-to-long distances up to 200 meters. It is very warmly welcomed by the masons and constructors who always had a folding rule, measuring tape, or wheel in their hands, and another person is engaged to hold the other end of the tool. However, this operation is time-consuming and inefficient. Considering that, Mileseey p7ak is a marvelous laser device that measures distances and performs many other jobs. For example, you may use its camera to save important data in its memory and realize accurate point-to-point remote measurement. 

Outdoor Measure In Long Range

Why Is Laser Rangefinder So Popular?

We feel the best reason behind its popularity is that it is practical and easy to carry. Instead of old boring tape or wheel, you take a nice-looking Bluetooth laser measure with color LCD out of your pocket and do your job immediately without the need for another colleague. Bluetooth laser measure helps you achieve accurate and fast measurement.

The second reason for its popularity may be the worker's safety. Essentially, the laser beam can reach the most distant or inaccessible points and disposes of the utilization of hazardous structures, along with the consequent hazard measurement action in height on balconies or rooftops.

Can It Replace the Traditional Folding Rule or Tape Measure?

Compared with a traditional folding rule or tape measure, Bluetooth laser measure is faster and more accurate. Therefore, the Bluetooth laser measure has been better used in many fields. Due to Bluetooth laser measure's accurate, efficient and reliable remote measurement, in most cases, people are more willing to use it instead of the traditional folding rule or a tape measure.    

How Does a Laser Measure Work?

The principle of a laser beam reflection is applied in the development of Bluetooth laser measure, which produces a pulse of laser that you direct at the target point you will measure; it could be a wall or any other object. The pulse strikes that point and reflects. Meanwhile, the time of the travel of the ray determines the distance between two points, and you merely have to divide that time in half. Consequently, you get your required statistics. 

IP65 Laser Measure
Applications of Laser Measure

The list of applications of the Bluetooth laser measure might include yet is not limited to house measurement, indoor/outdoor decoration, furniture installation, civil and architectural engineering survey, real estate & construction projects, mechanical project planning, and fire & traffic projects.

Aside from that, this outdoor laser measure tool is utilized to estimate perimeters or borders, surfaces, and volumes directly. Practically, all laser distance meters can make indirect measurements, including the height of a façade or a floor, while staying far from the structure.

Top 5 Benefits of Mileseey Bluetooth Laser Measure

Here we mention the top five benefits offered by the Mileseey Bluetooth laser measure device. 

  1. It is beneficial for quickly targeting and measuring outdoor long distances up to 200 meters by utilizing a camera viewfinder to analyze a point and camera shot function with a 4-times zoom display. Moreover, it can resist hard-hitting Jobsite environmental conditions. 
  2. It is cost-effective and reliable and performs accurately and efficiently. Undoubtedly, you will feel what you are attaining is more than what you are paying.
  3. It has diverse functions. You feel pretty convenient to use it anywhere that you like. E.g., it applies to various design applications while conveniently surveying and mapping.
  4. It is provided with a Bluetooth connection and data synchronization with the app. Without question, it alludes to more than what can be expected from any other measuring tool.
  5. It has a reasonably fast measurement speed with enough memory to keep the data, a replaceable battery (4 modes of the power supply), auto-rotation of the screen according to the measurement situation, and daylight anti-interference technology.
Bluetooth Laser Measure

Final Words

Mileseey stands out as one of China's finest manufactures in the precision laser measurement and control sector, selling its high-quality and authentic products across the globe. Our unique selling points incorporate research & development, 100% genuine products, free shipping for light & economy packages, and easy return (online or in-store).



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