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Tips in Using Mileseey Laser Rangefinder to Level Up Your Hunting Skills

Sep 10, 2022 CrossBorder Digital
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Hunting is one of the most interesting recreational activity you can do outdoors because it requires physical workout and strategies to hunt an animal. You can take the animal you hunted and have it as food.

If you’re a novice hunter, you might find it challeging and vexing to spend your day or night in the woods, with no guarantee you will return home with a prey you caught.

But fret not! We’re here to help. Here are useful tips in using Mileseey laser rangefinder to level up your hunting skills.

How to Use Mileseey Laser Rangefinders to Level Up Your Hunting Skills

A hunting laser rangefinder is a must-have hunting gear for novice and long-time hunters. Using a reliable laser rangefinder, you can get accurate distance measurements of your target regardless of the environment.

Mileseey laser rangefinders are a great help to rifle hunters and bow hunters, so you can ace your game and improve your hunting skills and experience. Here are tips for hunting you need to know.

Before hunting, test the rifle range

It is important to test the rifle range, especially when unpacking gear. This will help you know whether you are properly using the laser rangefinder. Testing the rifle range also helps you test your shooting skills in the game.

For this reason, you should test it both on the steep and leveled surfaces and using an angle component. Practicing the rangefinder will improve the chances of hunting in a range.

Use your laser rangefinder proficiently

It would help if you got ready with your rangefinder before the target appeared in the zone. When using the laser rangefinder, you don’t need to range the target after it has come or at the last minute. This helps you become more proactive when hunting games.

Holdover the value for hunting either uphill or downhill

It is easy to take the range on the leveled surface, which makes the game uncomplicated. However, when the surface is downhill or uphill, you will have to use an angle of compensation available in the modern Mileseey laser rangefinders.

When using it on an inclined surface, you will have to focus on the angle and your line of sight while ignoring the range on the horizontal aspect.

Here are some of the best Mileseey hunting laser rangefinders with modern features that will help you level up your hunting skills.

Collage of Mileseey and LK01

Mileseey NV20 Night Vision Monocular

Mileseey NV20 Night Vision Monocular  is a digital night vision infrared monocular from our line of night vision optics. It also has photographing and video playback capabilties, 5X optics and 8X digital magnification for up to 220 yards, and it is lightweight and handy, perfect for agile hunters. 

Mileseey TNV10 Infrared Night Vision Thermal Imaging Monoculars

Mileseey TVN10 Infrared Night Vision Thermal Imaging Monocular is a great tool specifically for night hunting. It’s a top-grade night vision and thermal imaging moocular that offers wide field of view, HD photos, 5 color palettes for display modes. It can be connected to Mileseey LK01 Laser rangefinder for distance measurement on top of its night vision and thermal imaging capabilities.

Mileseey LK01 Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser Rangefinder

Mileseey LK01 Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser Rangefinder is the best partner to your hunting rifle since you can attach it on your gun. It is your hunting assistant, equipped with pulse laser ranging sensor that works with smart digital rifle scopes, night vision goggles, or picatinny rails. It also have smart controls for quick operation.

Tips for hunting to improve your hunting skills

Hunter Mileseey hunting laser rangefinder and on position

1. Choose the best hunting gear

The gear you choose will greatly determine your hunting success. It can make or break the hunitng experience when you don’t know which hunting gear suits your hunt the best. This can depend on the type of hunt, which animals you would be hunting, your personal hunting style, environmental conditions, and many other factors.

2. Familiarize yourself with your rifle

To be an effective hunter, you must familiarize yourself with the rifle. You can achieve this by training how to use your rifle as quickly as you can. Hunting needs split-second decisions, and you can’t have yourself scrambling to assemble your rifle while your target gets away.

3. Identify your best rest

It is impressive when you can hit your target at longer distances of 300 yards. However, this might be unrealistic for you if you don't identify your best rest place. Always adapt your position depending on your target’s position though.

4. Use fore-end bipod support field position

The best position is to sit with support from the fore-end bipod. This will help you get the rifle above several prone compromising obstacles. It is also much more stable than when you stand or kneel during the hunting process. This field position can also be modified quickly when shooting extreme uphill or downhill angles.

5. Learn and hone sling techniques

You need to learn and test your sling to be more familiar with it before hunting. When you perfect any sling techniques, you will stand a chance to become more successful in your hunting.

6. Study weather patterns in varying conditions and environments

Knowing the weather pattern will help you figure out and understand the movement of the targets and also the condition for your hunting. The weather patterns, seasons, and other environmental conditions can help you identify which prey to hunt and how you can catch them.

It is also a helpful survival skill that may save you just in case you got lost or in danger in the woods.

7. Control your emotions

When hunting, buck fever can destroy your hunting skills drastically, especially if your nerves are not settled perfectly. However, the cure of buck fever is your hunting experience and time.

8. Set goals and add pressure

For effective hunting, you need to set goals on your target. For instance, you can decide to set your goal to be three shots for every 15 seconds at an unknown distance.

9. Find a mentor or enroll in shooting classes

You can also consider hiring a mentor to help you learn more skills about hunting schools. The mentor should be an experienced and highly skilled hunter who can tackle all the hunting challenges you may face.

10. Refine your process

This involves gathering all the necessary tools for hunting, including boots, packs, and clothing. Refine your process in hunting and keep everything as efficient as possible. Since hunting involves quick decision-making, a refined process is what you need.

Wrapping It Up

Hunting and shooting in the wild can be challenging and competitive. If you want to level your hunting skills in the wild hunts, you need reliable equipment, master your environment, and train consistently to refine your processes. However, when measuring accurate distance, the Mileseey hunting laser rangefinders are the best choice.

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