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Discover the best Bilateral Laser Distance Meter in 2023!

May 18, 2023 Mileseey tools

What is a bilateral laser distance meter?

A bilateral laser distance meter is a device that uses laser technology to measure the distance between two objects or points. It emits laser beams in two directions (bidirectional) to accurately measure the distance between two points in both directions simultaneously. This type of distance measurer is often used in construction, engineering, and surveying applications where precise measurements are required.

The bilateral laser distance meter typically consists of two laser modules each of which has a laser emitter that sends out a laser beam, and a detector that receives the reflected beam from the target object or surface. By measuring the time it takes for the laser beam to travel to and from the target, the distance can be calculated and displayed on the device's screen. The bilateral feature allows for more accurate and efficient measurements, particularly in situations where obstacles or obstructions may affect the measurements.

What is a bilateral laser distance meter?


Advantages of two-way laser distance measurement

A bilateral laser distance meter allows for measuring distances from any position along the line of measurement, eliminating the need for extra hands and making measurements in hard-to-reach areas more efficient. It's a perfect laser measuring tool for construction, engineering, and surveying, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing productivity on the job site.

The bilateral laser distance meter is equipped with two laser diodes, allowing it to take three measurements per single action - the left, right, and total combined. This feature exponentially increases the advantages when measuring multiple lengths, reducing the number of moves required by a factor of three, which saves time and effort, making it the best laser measuring tool for those who need to take measurements quickly and accurately.

A bilateral distance meter is also a game-changer for those who often find themselves frequently getting up and down, or needing to move their ladder frequently to navigate their workspace. With its ease and convenience, a bilateral laser distance meter has the potential to reignite the passion of individuals who have been deterred from tackling new projects due to physical discomfort or inconvenience, providing a solution to the physical barriers that can limit creativity and productivity in DIY projects.


The best Bilateral Laser Distance Meter in 2023: a detailed review

  • The internal laser mechanism

Most bilateral laser distance meters use a system of shooting two pulses of laser light from two sources in opposite directions and then measuring the amount of time taken for each pulse to reflect back to its corresponding sensors.

While these bilateral laser distance meters provide a dual laser measurement, the two laser modules of these devices are independently designed at each end of the laser distance meter, which means the two-way beams are not 100% assured to share a common geometric axis, which can lead to bigger inaccuracies especially when the device is used in outdoor environments where the laser beams can be subject to the interference of wind, sunlight, temperatures.

This is seen in contrast to the Mileseey DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance meter, which has in-house developed patented integrated coaxial optics technology. The integrated laser mechanism eradicates two-way beam variations and inaccuracies from measurement and ensures 100% two-way beam alignment.

This is achieved by the laser head at each end of the meter projecting light beams that share a common geometric axis 100% , resulting in an unwavering precision of up to +/- 2mm. This level of accuracy is a significant improvement over other brands’ bilateral laser distance meters, which lacks the DP20 Pro's sophisticated design, leaving them vulnerable to significant measurement errors when used outdoors or in complicated spatial environments.

light beams that share a common geometric axis 100%


Measuring features

Most bilateral laser distance meters on the market provide five common measuring features, including single, continuous, area, volume, and Pythagorean theorem measurements.

While the Pythagorean theorem is an advanced feature that allows for indirect measurement of vertical height, it requires users to measure the horizontal linear distance that is perpendicular to the wall in addition to the hypotenuse. To obtain this horizontal distance measurement, users must use a physical bubble level to ensure proper alignment, which may result in inaccuracies due to shaky hands or other factors.

In contrast, the Mileseey DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance meter is equipped with a built-in +/- 90° digital gravity tilt sensor, making it a more advanced measuring device than others.

This sensor allows the DP20 Pro to measure the angle between the right-angle side and the hypotenuse in the Pythagorean theorem, allowing for the height to be measured by only measuring one segment of the hypotenuse. Additionally, the DP20 displays the measured angle on a clear OLED screen, making it easy to read and interpret.

The DP20 Pro's tilt sensor also eliminates the need for measuring the horizontal distance separately, as it automatically calculates this measurement, making indirect horizontal distance measurements possible even when an obstacle or hedge prevents the laser beam from reaching the target.

With the DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance measurer, two-point Pythagorean measurements only require measuring the hypotenuse, while three-point Pythagorean measurements involve calculating two hypotenuses, allowing DP20 Pro to offer more efficient and accurate measurements than other brands.

indirect measurement of height


Battery performance

Most bilateral laser distance meters on the market rely on old-fashioned  AAA batteries, which might seem a bit outmoded when compared to the cutting-edge built-in rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery of the Mileseey DP20 Pro.

With just 2 hours of charging, the DP20 Pro's battery can power up to 20,000 measurements, delivering an effortless user experience. The robust battery performance guarantees extended usage without any concern of running low on power.


Line segment division & middle laser line

The DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance meter boasts a unique feature that effortlessly divides a line segment into multiple equal smaller segments. This nifty feature simplifies the process of staking out by automating the splitting of a measuring line into several uniform sections, eliminating the need for continuous measuring when staking out a line that is typical of other bilateral laser distance meters.

As you approach each division point, the meter beeps, and the middle laser projects a light beam, helping to mark out each small segment. Moreover, the meter tracks and displays the length of each divided segment as you move it. This feature enables more precise and efficient staking out of a line segment, especially when placing objects at consistent intervals. Additionally, you can freely set the size of each segment, ranging from 1/2 to 1/16, providing more flexibility and convenience.

1/N line segment division function for precise item placement


To wrap it up, while DP20 Pro and most of the bilateral laser distance meters on the market share some common features, like one-way & two-way measurement, single & continuous measurement, area, volume, app connectivity, tripod attachment, Mileseey DP20 Pro  surpasses other brands and stand out in featuring a more advanced integrated co-axial optics laser mechanism that ensures 100% two-way beam alignment and higher bilateral measuring accuracy, a built-in tilt sensor that provides more advanced and convenient indirect measurement, and more outstanding battery performance, as well as an innovative 1/n line segment splitting function for more precise and efficient staking out. If you are looking for the best bilateral laser distance meter, then look no further than the Mileseey DP20.





























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