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Overview of the 13-Year Journey: Why Should You Choose Mileseey?

Mar 14, 2024 CrossBorder Digital
Why Should You Choose Mileseey

In the highly sophisticated era, technology has been completely transforming the lives of the masses in various forms. With the help of continuously developed technologies, the human race can immediately carry out even the most difficult tasks. Who would have thought that a precise measurement of a longer range would have been possible just by pressing a simple button? However, this is made possible with the digital distance measurer of Mileseey, which has completely transformed the culture of precision measurements. Mileseey has emerged as a leader in precision measurement technology in China, and by creating cost-effective solutions, we are outpacing our global competitors in various avenues.

Mileseey Golf Rangefinder

What Is Mileseey?

With over 13 years of experience in manufacturing laser measurement technologies and digital distance measurers, Mileseey manufacturing facilities now comprise over 6000 m² of standardized facilities. Today, Mileseey comprises more than 30 % of China's domestic market share, while occupying over 10 % of the global market share. Broadly speaking, Mileseey has made a name in four products: visual imaging, industrial sensing, intelligent building tools, and intelligent electronic detection. With these products, Mileseey is serving customers in the following fields:

  • Architecture construction
  • Golf
  • Railway
  • Smart city
  • Engineering
  • Home improvement
  • Hunting

The professional and considerate products are evidence of Mileseey’s professional company profile, which is why customers of diverse needs keep turning to us.


How Does Mileseey Stand Out from Other Competitors?

With the help of intelligent manufacturing facilities, Mileseey has managed to beat other competitors in manufacturing digital distance measurers. Our success in competing with other companies is evident from our:


Cost-Effective Products

For the same functionality, Mileseey manufactures products at a lower price, which is setting unique precedence in the market. These cost-effective solutions of Mileseey come due to the continuous innovation which has made optimization possible.

Mileseey products

Intelligent R&D Team

Rigorous Research and Development (R&D) is the distinction of Mileseey, and this very same thing sets them apart. This is because the foundation of every manufacturing in Mileseey is based on research. With over 125 intellectual property documents, Mileseey has set unprecedented standards in the field of laser measurement. We are devoting ourselves to bringing more innovation to their products. Based on the intelligent use of data, Mileseey is able to optimize every next product for better functionality, which stands out from the crowd.

Mileseey Tools

Rich Product Categories

It is not difficult to find a brand which is specialized in only one micro product niche. However, Mileseey has championed a wide variety of digital distance measurers without ever compromising on the quality of any single item. Mileseey will provide you with easy solutions in the three categories:

  • Golf rangefinder: 6 models of monocular golf rangefinder and 1 binocular Golf rangefinder
  • Laser measure: 2 models of outdoor laser measures, 1 digital distance laser tape, and 1 portable smart laser measure
  • Night vision: 3 models of monocular night visions and 1 binocular night vision

These broad categories from Mileseey can be further divided into different types. For instance, you can get golf rangefinders with slope function, digital distance measurers, smart laser meters, and laser tape measures.

Intelligent Measurement

13-Year Experience in Laser Measurement

The expertise of Mileseey can be gauged from the 13-year servicing for the masses, which speaks volumes about our efficacy. We are one of the pioneers in manufacturing digital distance measurers in China as we developed the technology at a time when laser measurement devices were extremely rare and extraordinarily expensive at the same time. Procuring a simple device would have cost thousands of yuan. At that time, Mileseey stepped up and started manufacturing innovative solutions to act as a problem solver and budget saver for the consumers. With the company going into full flow, it is only a matter of time before we will be a global leader in laser measurement technology.

Mileseey Team

Mileseey Products, Awards Winners

Due to the efficient technology, Mileseey products have won numerous awards, which reinforces customers' trust in the brand. We have won the following distinctive awards:

  • 2020 Contemporary Good Design Award
  • 2020 IF Design Award
  • 2021 Red dot Award



Mileseey efforts in bringing innovation in the manufacturing of digital distance measurers with laser technology are not hidden anymore. Our subsequent attempts to introduce innovative technologies in the field have developed the industry to a great extent. Mileseey laser distance meter is the best digital measuring device professionals can use for a wide variety of tasks. With the achievement of multiple awards, Mileseey has already depicted our potential to solve measurement problems in various fields.

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