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Meet Mileseey DP20 PRO in 2023: A Breakthrough in Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

Jan 3, 2023 Mileseey tools
Mileseey DP20 PRO Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

If you are looking for the most innovative and versatile measuring device in 2023, then look no further than the DP 20 PRO bilateral laser distance meter. Featuring a patented coaxial optics technology, DP 20 PRO is currently the most accurate and powerful bilateral laser measurer available on the market with measuring distances up to 390ft.  DP 20 PRO also features an elaborate design that makes it extremely distinguished on the laser ruler market—the cuboid-shaped body with a thin surface and low-profile keycaps renders a product appearance as simple as a ruler. The newly launched bilateral distance meter meets various needs of measurement in different scenarios such as house renovation, house decoration, interior design, exhibition design, outdoor advertising design, crafting, home soft furnishing, etc.

How is Mileseey DP20 PRO Produced?

DP 20 PRO is produced to eliminate the hassles that are commonly seen in traditional measuring tools and laser measures with a single laser direction. Traditional measuring tools, such as tape measures, take a large volume of setup time and are susceptible to errors. Traditional measuring tools also have limitations in measuring distance and are not able to provide measuring solutions in large views. DP20 PRO solves the problem by emitting a laser beam to inaccessible points of a distance of up to 390ft.  While laser ruler is not an unusual gadget in the market, they are usually designed with a laser of a single direction which usually requires a  reference point in the environment. DP 20 PRO is crafted with dual laser beams which allow users to calculate the distance between two points by positioning themselves anywhere in the line of measurement. The laser measure with bilateral laser modules provides a perfect tool for measurement in difficult and complicated environments. It significantly saves your time of measurement by reducing the time needed to travel to different reference points.

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DP20 PRO Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

Advantages of Using DP20 PRO Laser Distance Meter

DP 20 PRO carries an expansive collection of measurement features—single measurement, continuous measurement, area & volume measurement, auto height finding, auto level distance finding, line segment division & measuring.

1. Auto Height Finding

To measure billboard height, for example, you can project the beam of light to the top and bottom of the billboard through which you will automatically find the height of the billboard.

2. Auto Level Distance Finding

The horizontal distance is determined by indirectly measuring a hypotenuse with just a click of a button. Sometimes when the surveyed horizontal distance passes a hedge or obstacle, which prevents direct measurement, the level distance can be indirectly measured using DP20 PRO by shooting an oblique laser beam onto the wall.

3. Line Segment Division & Measuring

DP 20 PRO can divide a line segment into N equal segments. The feature automatically achieves the staking-out function by splitting a staking-out line into several equal parts, which replaces the conventional staking-out function of a laser ruler that usually requires continuous measuring. The laser measure beeps as you approach each division point and there is a middle laser that emits a laser beam to help mark out each small segment. The feature enables more efficient and precise staking out in situations where you need to put objects at consistent intervals.

4. Connected with Intelligent APP

DP 20 PRO is also paired with an intelligent APP that supports picture uploading and automatic data labeling. It allows the data from the laser ruler to be transmitted to mobile terminals such as mobile phones or tablets via Bluetooth in real-time. The measurement data can therefore be easily shared by remote construction partners in real-time.

5. 1/4 Bolt Thread Connector

The laser ruler also has a 1/4 bolt thread connector which allows you to attach the laser ruler to a tripod, making your measurement much more comfortable and stable.

Comparison to Other Distance Measurement Tools

What makes DP 20 PRO more accurate and powerful than other bilateral laser measures is that it is equipped with a patented coaxial optics technology which ensures that the dual laser beams share a common geometric axis absolutely. This patented coaxial optics technology completely eliminates two-way-beam variations and inaccuracies that other brands of bilateral laser distance meter might have from measurements.

DP 20 PRO also features a longer laser range and higher accuracy, with a measuring distance of up to 390ft and precision of up to 1/16", making it the most accurate distance meter with dual laser modules currently available on the market.

DP 20 PRO is also marked off on the market by its sleek design. It is constructed with aircraft-level aluminum alloy, making the bilateral laser meter ultra-compact and stylish. While it takes only 2h to have the meter fully charged thanks to a 1000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, it allows consecutive measurements up to 20,000 times, making it more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than other laser rulers.

DP 20 PRO stakes out a line more efficiently and precisely than other laser rulers which usually need continuous measurement of several segments. DP20 PRO automatically divides a surveyed line into N equal sections, with a middle laser marking beam. The Backlit OLED screen also allows a much clearer display of figures than conventional laser rulers which are usually designed with a LCD backlit.

Mileseey DP20 PRO Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

Applications for DP20 PRO Laser Distance Meter

The DP 20 bilateral laser ruler is a perfect tool for measurement in a wide range of scenarios. It enables construction workers, interior designers and builders, carpenters, painters, real estate agents, and DIY enthusiasts, etc. to make accurate measurements with ease.

For construction workers who would usually need ladders or other facilities to measure distance, which might cause safety problems, DP 20 PRO easily helps find the distance you want to measure through various measurement features. Construction workers only need to stand on the ground and do not have to climb to or move various facilities to make measurements on a job site where safety is always rule No.1.

For interior designers who need to make arrangements for space, DP 20 PRO is an ideal measuring tool for you. Interior designers and builders usually need very accurate and efficient segmentation of lines in order to put particular objects at consistent intervals, such as paintings on a wall. They might want a tool to stake out lines easily. DP20 PRO easily allows you to split a line into several small segments. With an intelligent App, DP 20 PRO enables you to streamline and organize your measurements on a mobile device. You can construct a plan directly on the pictures uploaded, which significantly improves your design efficiency.

For real estate agents who need to quickly measure the dimensions of a property DP 20 PRO is also an ideal assistant. You can easily switch back and forth between a single laser measurement and a dual laser measurement. Sometimes the measurement can be challenging when the environment is complicated. Yet DP20 PRO makes everything easy via the features it has!

FAQs About Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

Q1: What is a bilateral laser distance meter and how does it work?

A bilateral laser distance meter is a laser measure that projects two opposite beams of light at each end of the laser ruler. You can switch between a single laser beam and two laser beams.

Bilateral distance meters allow easy measurement in complicated environments as it does not involve the need to find and travel to specific reference points.

Q2: How durable is a bilateral laser distance meter?

It depends on the material and life expectancy of the battery of the laser ruler. DP20 PRO is crafted using an aircraft-level aluminum alloy that comes with exceptionally high durability and 1000 mAh that allows measurements up to 20,000 times.

Q3: What are some common uses for a bilateral laser distance meter?

Bilateral distance meters can be used in a wide variety of situations such as house renovation, house decoration, interior design, exhibition design, outdoor advertising design, DIY crafting, soft furnishing, etc. It is typically used in large views where traditional tape measures can hardly deal with the measurements.

Q4: How accurate is a bilateral laser distance meter?

Different bilateral laser distance meters have different accuracy levels. DP20 PRO is currently the most accurate dual laser ruler with a ±1/16" accuracy. The high accuracy is based on its coaxial optics technology that ensures the two-way beams share a common geometric axis 100%.

Q5: How do you calibrate a bilateral laser distance meter?

Bilateral laser meters are usually highly accurate in perfect conditions. However, to make sure that your bilateral laser ruler is evaluating distances accurately, you can compare it with a single laser ruler, conventional tape measure, or a yardstick. Once you find your laser ruler is off inches, you can reboot the measuring device to retrieve accuracy. If it still does not work, you can return it back to the manufacturer.

Wrapping It Up

To put it in a nutshell, DP20 PRO is a cutting-edge and masterpiece bilateral laser distance meter that allows you to make measurements easily in complicated environments. It has an expansive collection of measurement features that meet various measurement needs of people, including single measurement, continuous measurement, area & volume measurement, auto height finding, auto level distance finding, line segment division & measuring. The elaborate design, coupled with aircraft-level aluminum alloy material, makes it exceptionally favorable to people engaged in measuring projects. On top of that, you can get it at an easily affordable price! You can try the products to get more intuitive experiences of using the amazing metering gadget.

If you are interested in our newly launched product, or have any further questions regarding the tips, how-tos, and exclusive deals of our bilateral distance meter, please leave a comment here or send us a message at 032@mileesy.com, and we will have extra reward cards for the kind supporters.

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