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How to Utilize the Night Vision for Hunting to Increase the Success Rate?

Jul 8, 2022 Mileseey tools
Night Vision for Hunting

Hunting can be a challenging job at times, which is the very reason why many hunters struggle till night to find a suitable animal to hunt. However, finding animals at night can be a tedious task due to the darkness in the wild. This means that you have to have some devices which could assist you in finding and tracing a suitable animal for hunting at night. In such a case, night vision for hunting comes to your rescue as it helps you find the perfect animal for hunting at night.

Night Vision for Hunting

What Are the Types of Night Visions?

Night vision for hunting is always the optimal solution for finding the perfect hunt. These night visions are divided into the following categories.

Image intensifier night vision

As the name suggests, these devices increase the intensity of images to make them visible to the naked eye or captured by cameras. These devices turn night into day by providing a clearer image of the target while hunting.

Digital Night Vision Devices

Digital night Vision for hunting is usually light weighted and smaller in size. In these devices, metal oxide semiconductor sensors are used, which convert the light into digital signals. These devices have a longer lifespan compared to analog devices.

Thermal Imager

A thermal imager for hunting works on the temperature difference of the objects for which it uses infrared sensors to function. So, a thermal imager for hunting improves the visibility of the animal in the dark.

Night Vision Rangefinder

Night vision rangefinders are the perfect devices that combine range finding, night vision, and magnification technologies to measure the distance of any object at night, making them a must-have device, especially for hikers and hunters.

Night Vision for Hunting

Mileseey NV30 Integrates All the Merits

While all of these night visions were already present in the market separately, Mileseey has integrated all of them into its one device, NV30, which is now the best night vision for hunting by great lengths. By combining the properties of digital night vision, thermal imager, and night vision rangefinder, this equipment of Mileseey is a state-of-the-art technology that guarantees the best experience for its users. Thus, by combining all the distinctive characteristics of separate night visions, Mileseey rangefinders are specifically designed to meet the various needs of a wide variety of users with a single gadget.


How to Use NV30 More Efficiently When Hunting?

  • Tracing at daytime: During daytime hunting, NV3O allows users to zoom up to 60 X into the target, making the wild animals extremely clear for better shooting. Likewise, this device has a 1080P high-definition recording device compared to the already existing 720P recording standard currently in the market. This feature allows you to record your shooting experience clearly in daylight.
  • Tracing at night: As NV30 is an all-inclusive device, it can also be used at night. For this purpose, the infrared light works at night and can easily be set according to the light conditions.
Mileseey NV30 Night Vision for Hunting

Benefits of using Mileseey NV30

When you get this device, you get the following benefits with it:

Larger Observation Range

One of the major benefits of using NV30 is its large observation distance which makes it a suitable night vision for hunting. It has an infinite observation distance in daylight, while this distance is 500 meters in the moonlight and 350 meters in total darkness. These ranges are more than enough for any type of hunting needs.

Universal Operation

NV30 is equally good for both day and night hunting, which means that hunters only need a single night vision to go hunting at any time of the day.

Beautiful Panoramic View

NV30 is also equipped with a zoom telescope which can help you in getting the panoramic views of mesmerizing sceneries. With a 50 mm lens and 80 % transmittance, the sightseeing is made incredibly beautiful with this device.

Greater Zoom

This night vision for hunting provides 0–60X digital zoom, which is exponentially greater than the current market standard of 8X zoom. This helps the users to see even the minute details of the object.

Water-Proof Protection

With an ip65 protection level, NV30 night vision for hunting is a waterproof gadget that is extremely crucial for outdoor activities like hiking. Not only this, but their 10-hour-long battery life is crucial for hikers who have to spend all day outside with these devices.


Wrapping Up

Having manufacturing centers expanded up to 6000m2, Mileseey gets fame in markets of more than 50 countries. We have over 12-year experience in manufacturing products in intelligent measurement, intelligent detection, and visual imaging categories. Mileseey is one of the pioneers in manufacturing affordable precision measurement devices that are widely used for different purposes. Contact our technical team now for professional solutions to your measurement issue!

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