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How to Use Laser Tape Measure

Jul 14, 2022 CrossBorder Digital
how to use mileseey laser distance meter

Standard tape measures can be stressful to use and may provide inaccurate measurements, so this is where the laser tape measures come in. With laser tape measures, you are assured of accuracy, you can do multiple calculations, and more.

Laser tape measures are great for measuring size and distance and offer more flexibility than a ruler. Laser tape measures are widely available and cost-effective in the majority of DIY shops and online.

Previously, many users were mostly experts who conducted numerous measurements all day long, but today they can be used by anyone.

Today, we will discuss various tape measures and the distinction between tape measures and laser tape measures, and find out the unique functionalities of laser tape measures.

Quick Guide: How to use a laser tape measure

how to use laser measure tape

1. Setting up the laser tape measure

Check unit settings as laser tape measures have measurement units in inches, feet, or meters. Say you are measuring the length of a table, and you accidentally set the unit at feet when you wanted to use meters; you can adjust the measurement unit during and after measuring.

You can turn on the backlight in the dark and even set it to take continuous measurements, which is perfect for scanning corners. On top of that, it can keep a record of the maximum and minimum values.

2. How to add and subtract multiple distance measurements

If you want to calculate how long two walls are opposite each other, typically, you would measure one wall, measure the next one, and then sum them together.

To sum up, you can use the summation feature found on the meter, the distance between the two walls. The total will be displayed in tiny numbers, then the separate measurements are shown in much smaller numbers. You can also subtract sizes and even choose to add and remove interchangeably.

3. Measuring area and volume on a laser tape measure

how to use laser measuring tape

If you plan to measure the volume or area of a surface like a window, laser tape measures allow you to do this, since it is impossible with standard tape measures.

To get the area, you can find the window's width and length, and your laser tape measure will calculate it.

For volume, you need to acquire the height, width, and length, and let your laser tape measure compute the volume. It makes them applicable to ventilation needs, the coverage computations of HVAC, and large water volumes like aquariums or swimming pools. You can even sum up or subtract both findings, which is a handy feature. 

4. How to measure indirect measurements on the laser tape measure

When you want to find the height of a high wall, and you do not have a ladder, the laser tape measure can quickly get the size. It allows you to measure surfaces indirectly through Pythagorean theorem that can calculate correct angle dimensions.

The Pythagorean theorem states the hypotenuse square, which is the part facing the right angle, is the same as the other sides' sum when it is squared.

If you key in measurements correctly, you will get the correct measures. The computed height appears on the laser tape measure screen as the broad digits.

5. Reviewing historical data on a laser tape measure

Say you are measuring the dimensions of a large house, and you forgot to keep a record of the measurements taken. The laser tape measure can store measurements you have taken quickly; sometimes, it can even preserve data even when you turn them off. All you need to do is click the right button to retrieve them.

What is the best laser tape measure?

how to use mileseey laser distance meter

When getting a laser tape measure, you must consider the functionality, accuracy,  range, display, connectivity, and storage. Another thing you need to put into consideration is whether the laser tape measure has a backlight, its resistance to water, and the warranty. You also need to consider getting a laser tape measure that is under your budget.

The best laser tape measures in the market are from Mileseey, the leading brand for golf rangefinders, laser tape measures, laser distance measures, and night vision equipment. Mileseey offers the following laser tape measures:

2-in-1 laser tape measure

The Mileseey DT11 has both the typical and the laser tape measure in one, and it is rechargeable; its battery can stay for five hours. You can measure both short and long distances which are displayed on its screen showing the laser measurement value. It has 5m digital measuring tape, with a lithium rechargeable battery, and 20 sets of memory you can recall. This device is also resistant to water.

3-in-1 laser tape measure

The Mileseey DT20 digital is a portable laser tape measure that can serve as a laser measure, tape measure, and an instant data display; it offers HD quality. It can measure up to 16ft of Digital Tape Measure and a physical tape measure, as well as a 131ft laser distance meter you can view on the screen. It is designed to work on the job site, no matter the setting.

This laser tape measure is very accurate, rechargeable, and can support sharing data via Bluetooth, in this case, your measurements to your mobile phone. You can count on its data storage of up to 20 values, and high precision measurements with Mileseey’s patented Tape Error Corrective Technique that is capable to read and show correct tape length after power-on. With this laser tape measure, you can find the distance, area, volume, continuous efforts, and Pythagorean in 2 and 3 points.


What differentiates a laser rangefinder from a laser tape measure?

Laser rangefinders are frequently used when long intervals are involved. Getting accurate measurements is not of that much concern; it is used to estimate the rough distance between two points or places far from each other.

Golfers, foresters, and hunters often use them, and every model offers a different range. Some can go up to a thousand yards. Alternatively, the laser tape measure is mainly used for short distances, and accuracy is essential.

What are the best surfaces for a laser tape measure?

To use the laser tape measure, you must see a red dot on a surface. The best surfaces for measurement are opaque surfaces, while transparent surfaces can be difficult to get accurate distance measurements.

How can dust affect laser tape measures?

Like other electrical gadgets, the laser tape measures are dust-prone. To ensure they function ideally, it is vital to regularly clean them since if dust accumulates close to the laser beam, it will be hard to read measurements. If you are getting measurements of a dusty area, clean them several times.

Wrapping It Up

Laser tape measures have a lot to offer; plus, they are more reliable when it comes to accuracy than the standard tape measure. It is pretty straightforward to use as long as you have grasped how to set units and control some features; you need to set up the laser tape measure, learn how to subtract and sum up distances, trace previous measurements and learn to measure indirectly.

Mileseey is the leading brand for golf rangefinders, laser tape measures, laser distance measures, and night vision equipment.

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