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How to Use a Rangefinder for Hunting

Jul 13, 2022 CrossBorder Digital
how to use a rangefinder for hunting

Are you looking for a way to get clear shots on your hunting sprees? Mileseey rangefinders have you covered. Enjoy excellent hunting experiences with a hunting rangefinder for precise, accurate shots from varying angles.

Knowing how far you are from your target will help you make an accurate shot when hunting. Hunters can take a more decent hit at the game if they are confident about the measurement; a cleaner harvest may be the outcome.

Laser rangefinders can be the ideal accessory to enable you to confirm your shooting distances quickly. It would be best if you learned how to use this practical hunting tool to obtain those precise readings and expansive scope. However, grasping how to use hunting rangefinders is pretty straightforward, making it suitable for beginners or experts alike.

What is the best rangefinder for hunting?

There are hunting and golfing rangefinders that are slightly similar, since they both make use of LED and LCDs.

However, they differ in that the golf ones use the closest range since they target the pins nearby by eliminating distractions, while the hunting rangefinders are used to get a clear view of distant targets.

Check out the best rangefinder for hunting, Mileseey has in store, which comes in the following models:

1. The Mileseey BPFS2 long rangefinder binoculars

It displays the target range in black or red, has a good magnification rangefinder, and has a slope option.

Check out Mileseey BPFS2 here!

2. The PFS2

This rangefinder can offer a horizontal distance and a fantastic HD display, making it great for hunting. It provides a wide range and gives you accuracy.

Check out Mileseey PFS2 here!

3. Mileseey LK01 Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser

Mileseey LK01 Rangefinder for Hunting

This rangefinder works great with rifles or bows and is suited for night vision goggles. Thus, you can enjoy hunting sprees at night.

Check out Mileseey LK01 here!

How does a rangefinder for hunting work?

The laser rangefinders for hunting work by tapping the target you are aiming for using a laser, and it calculates how long the laser will take to return. The pace of that laser and how it relates to its travel duration is what gives you the interval from your target.

Every monocular rangefinder has a wide range that depends on the model. However, it would be best if you were careful that the highest range limit displayed the target displays.

Many famous hunting creatures do not reflect; therefore, the number may not be as precise as it seems. You should divide the range maximum to improve the distance, since you can calculate and measure the target.

LK01 Pulse Laser Ranging Sensor Your HUNTING Assistant

With a rangefinder, you can avoid being unsure about the length when you are about to hit your target, and it gives you a feeling of confidence in your hunting skills. You can easily navigate through the product as a beginner or an expert.

How to use a rangefinder for hunting?

Even if you are an expert hunter, sometimes we make wrong judgments which can make you go home without scoring a target, which can be devastating. That is why a rangefinder is essential. The suggestions below will show you the best way to use your Mileseey rangefinder effectively.

1. Secure your rifle scope before the hunt

The rangefinder plays a key role before you even begin hunting, and it is recommended to test your shot to ensure it is well set. Try out a broader range to determine whether your bullet will hit your desired scope.

For instance, a bullet brand that varies from what you usually use can make the shot less accurate by a few inches or just an inch. Therefore, you will not get perfect shots on target; having night vision is critical if you are hunting during the night.

2. Avoid ranging your target at the last minute

Say you are just relaxing in a tree stand, and you see a target walking by, and it disappears into nature; this is not the time to measure the distance as you should do it prior.

It is best to scan the location around to get a rough idea of the range to various areas so that when you spot a prey, it will save you the trouble of struggling to use the rangefinder last minute. You can choose to spot trees that you can use as an indicator. When using a bow to hunt, mark the visible trees; this will save you the trouble of having a mental frame.

3. Do this when you range your target at the last minute

When you notice a target last minute, and it is on the move, try to figure out the direction it is heading towards. It will help you plan the perfect spot to take your shot.

At this point, you can measure the distance to have a perfect hit. By luck, you will have enough time to put your Mileseey rangefinder aside and stabilize your shot before your target gets to your planned spot for the hit.

4. Maximize the holdover calculator

If you take a shot from a tree stand, you will be at a higher angle from the target and can judge the distance wrongly. The perfect Mileseey rangefinder for this is the Mileseey BPFS2 model or the Mileseey PF210 Pro, since they can help you measure the distance from different angles.

Mileseey PF210H Laser Hunting Rangefinder

The rangefinders can estimate the path your arrow or bullet will take, plus it also considers the additional elevation that can defy gravity. To make it efficient, you need to set the speed your shots will take; however, it changes as you switch your bullets or arrow arm.

Wrapping It Up

Rangefinders aid in getting perfect shots as they make the target distance closer and give you a wide range. They also provide accuracy, and you can use them at varying angles to get great shots.

Rangefinders show you how far your target is by hitting the target you are aiming for using a laser and calculating the duration it will take to come back. Mileseey rangefinder is the best option for a hunter as it offers a clear HD vision, a wide range, and good angle shots from high angles. Hopefully, this rangefinder will give you the best hunting experience.

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