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How to pick the best rangefinder for hunting in 2023

May 17, 2023 Mileseey tools

The importance of rangefinders for hunting

For hunters, having a rangefinder for hunting allows them to accurately determine the distance between the hunter and their target. The ability to know the exact distance to the target enables the hunter to take more precise shots, increasing the likelihood of a successful kill.

Without a rangefinder, it can be challenging to estimate distance, especially in unfamiliar terrain, leading to missed shots and frustration. With a rangefinder for hunting, a hunter can accurately gauge the range to their target, enabling them to make shots from further away than they would otherwise. This capability ensures that the hunter maintains a safe distance from their target, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Moreover, a hunting rangefinder can assist a hunter in identifying the most opportune moments to take a shot, such as when the target has a clear line of sight and is at a suitable angle. Therefore, having the best rangefinder for hunting is essential as it can significantly enhance a hunter's accuracy and overall experience in the field.

 The importance of rangefinders for hunters

Factors to consider when picking the best rangefinder for hunting

1. The maximum measuring range

The range is a critical factor to consider when choosing the best rangefinder for hunting. Most rangefinder monocular is designed for use with reflective targets, which can significantly impact their advertised range. It is essential to carefully evaluate the hunting rangefinder's advertised range and determine whether it is based on reflective or non-reflective targets.

When shopping for a monocular rangefinder, it is also crucial to consider your hunting needs, including the distances you typically shoot at, such as 300-1200 yards for rifle hunters. This will help you choose a hunting rangefinder with an appropriate range, which can vary greatly depending on the model and manufacturer. Hunting Rangefinders with longer ranges typically costs more, so it is important to strike a balance between your needs and budget.

Finally, choosing a  monocular rangefinder with an appropriate range is critical to ensure accurate and precise shots, which is essential for a successful hunt

2. Accuracy

The next factor you should consider is accuracy.

A hunting rangefinder’s primary function is to provide accurate distance measurements to the target, allowing hunters to make more precise shots.

A high level of accuracy is essential, especially when shooting at longer ranges or when using a high-powered rifle. An inaccurate monocular rangefinder could lead to missed shots or, worse, injured animals. It is crucial to choose a rangefinder that has a high degree of accuracy, usually measured in terms of the margin of error or deviation from the actual distance.

3. Design

The design of a hunting rangefinder can significantly impact the user experience and the success of a hunting.

A simple and easy-to-use design with minimal buttons can help to reduce the chance of errors, especially in high-stress situations like drawing back on a trophy class animal.

Camouflage is also important when it comes to a rangefinder for hunting, as a shiny or reflective finish could potentially alert the game to your presence, leading to missed opportunities. A matte finish is a practical choice for hunting, and many brands ensure that their rangefinders have non-reflective finishes to blend in with the environment and avoid startling animals.

 Camouflage is also important when it comes to rangefinders

4. Angle Compensation 

Angle compensation is also an essential feature for a hunting rangefinder. It allows hunters to measure the true horizontal distance and angle of shot regardless of the incline or decline they are aiming from, taking into account the angle of the shot, which helps to compensate for the effects of gravity on the projectile drop and ensures more accurate shots. Without angle compensation, hunters may overshoot or miss their target, particularly when shooting uphill or downhill. Therefore, it is crucial to have a rangefinder with angle compensation to make more precise and effective shots while hunting.

Angle compensation of hunting rangefinders

5. Optical performance

The optical performance of a hunting rangefinder is crucial for a couple of reasons. A wide band lens coating can protect the lenses of the monocular rangefinder from scratches, making it easier to clean without causing damage. Besides, an anti-reflective coating reduces glare and increases light transmission, providing a brighter image.

Also, magnification strength helps to make targets appear larger, which is essential for long-range hunting. A monocular rangefinder with high magnification can double as binoculars, making it more efficient for hunters to carry. Therefore, the optical performance of a hunting rangefinder is essential for a successful hunting experience. It is important to check the optical specifications of a hunting rangefinder such as lens coating, and magnification before purchase.

 7. Size and weight

The size and weight of a hunting rangefinder are important considerations when making a purchase. A monocular rangefinder that is too small may be difficult to use, while one that is too large may be cumbersome to carry. It is important to find a hunting rangefinder that is lightweight and compact, and that feels comfortable to hold and use in the field. First-time buyers should try holding the rangefinder before purchasing to ensure that it is the right size and weight for their needs.

 8. Brand

When choosing a rangefinder for hunting, it is important to consider the brand. Well-known and reputable brands typically offer high-quality and accurate rangefinders. While expensive does not always mean good quality, it is generally true that the cheapest options are not the best. It is recommended to stick with trusted and recognized brands to avoid getting ripped off by unreliable or untested brands.

Recommendation: Mileseey PF2H laser rangefinder for hunting

The Mileseey PF2H rangefinder is an excellent companion for outdoor hunting activities, boasting high accuracy, quick response, record-breaking light transmission, an intuitive display, and low power consumption. It is a hunting tool perfect for hunting enthusiasts who demand superior quality and performance.

Mileseey PF2H hunting rangefinder

The key advantages of the Mileseey PF2H rangefinder for hunting

  • World-leading optical system: A 7° wild field of view, 6x magnification, multi-layered and anti-glare optical lens, and red LCD display for crystal-clear visibility and readings even in low light conditions.
  •  Extreme accuracy: Can measure distance up to 900 yards within+/-1 yard accuracy, and the ability to easily switch between yardage and metric units of measure.
  •  BOW mode: Calculates angle-compensated ranges for archery scenarios, and the actual line of sight for gun hunters shooting at a range over 800 yards.
  •  Rain & Fog ranging mode: Eliminates invalid values caused by raindrops and allows for readings with pinpoint accuracy even in adverse weather conditions.
  •  Multiple calculation modes: Calculates vertical height between shooters and targets, and speed movement of animals, providing rich information for better shooting opportunities and first shot hits.
  •  Rugged & compact design: Durable enough to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, making it a perfect companion for backcountry hunting.


To wrap it up, as a hunter, having a reliable rangefinder for hunting is crucial, as it can eliminate guesswork and give you the confidence to make precise shots. The ability to quickly and accurately determine the distance to your target can make all the difference when it comes to hitting your target and ensuring a successful hunting trip. So, if you want to take your hunting experience to the next level, consider investing in a quality rangefinder for hunting that fits your budget.


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