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The Expert's Guide: How to Master Measurements with The Cutting-edge DP20 Pro Bilateral Laser Distance Meter

May 17, 2023 Mileseey tools

What is DP20 Pro

DP20 Pro is a bilateral laser distance meter that reigns supreme as the epitome of cutting-edge laser precision technology.

Crafted from aircraft-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy, the measuring device boasts both durability and style. The innovative design is further enhanced by the advanced co-axial optics technology that enables the DP20 PRO to capture distances up to 390 ft between two points instantly and accurately from any position along the line of measurement, without the need for up and down movement or traveling back and forth.

 DP20 PRO bilateral laser distance meter


Why Mileseey DP20 Pro?

With DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance measurer, people can measure distances and calculate areas with ease, saving them precious time and effort by minimizing the movements and overcoming obstacles in space. Whether it's for DIY projects or professional work, DP20 Pro is the best laser measuring tool that can make your life easier and more efficient, allowing you to make measurement a breeze in cluttered or complex spaces and leave behind the days of looking for wall references.

How to use the DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance measurer

1.Two-way/one-way measurement

one-way/two-way measurement

When DP20 Pro is turned on, it operates as a bilateral laser distance measurer, emitting two pulses of laser light from opposite sources to measure distances. This technology calculates three distances simultaneously: left, right, and total length. The benefits of bilateral laser distance measurer become increasingly evident when measuring multiple segments and working in complicated environments where obstacles prevent your movements.

While dual-directional measurement is the default setting, DP20 Pro can also function as a single laser with just a button click, measuring distances from a particular reference point.

2. Continuous measurement

The DP20 PRO bilateral laser distance measurer has a unique feature that allows for continuous measurement between two points by simply long-pressing the measure button. After collecting the data, a short press of the measure button will provide the max and min distance based on the continuously acquired data.

This feature ensures that the measuring device captures multiple data points, resulting in a more accurate measurement by providing a more comprehensive understanding of the measurement range, which is especially helpful when dealing with irregular shapes and surfaces.

3. Area & Volume

The DP20 Pro is a highly efficient laser distance meter that operates bilaterally, minimizing any movements during measurements. This movement efficiency is especially highlighted when calculating areas or volumes because it allows you to quickly acquire the necessary values by simply turning your wrist. You can accomplish all of this without having to traverse or cross the space.

With the laser measuring device, you can perform calculations much faster than using traditional tape measures, and with much greater accuracy, reducing the chance of errors by eliminating the need for manual calculations.

3.Area & volume

4. Automatic calculation of horizontal distance

With the aid of the built-in +/- 90° gravity tilt sensor, the DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance meter is capable of automatically computing the horizontal distance by measuring a single distance of the hypotenuse. In situations where a horizontal survey line is obstructed by a hedge or obstacle, rendering a direct horizontal distance measurement impossible, the DP20 Pro offers an ingenious solution by simply tilting a light beam up to the wall. This feature enables the laser measuring device to determine the horizontal distance required for surveying indirectly without the need to cross over the obstacle.

With its remarkable capabilities, the DP20 Pro significantly simplifies the process of measuring and calculating horizontal distances for professionals in various industries.

5. Automatic height-finding

Similar to the process used for determining horizontal distance, DP20 Pro bilateral laser distance meter offers an effortless way to calculate height by simply measuring the distance of the hypotenuse. If the height is part of a right triangle, only one hypotenuse measurement is needed, while a normal triangle only requires two hypotenuse measurements to acquire the height. This differs from common laser distance meters available on the market, which relies on the Pythagoras to indirectly calculate the height.

While the Pythagorean theorem also helps find the height indirectly, it requires acquiring both the hypotenuse and horizontal distance to calculate the height, as these bilateral laser distance meters do not have a built-in tilt sensor to measure the angle. DP20 Pro's approach streamlines the process, providing a more efficient method for calculating height without needing to perform additional horizontal calculations. Height is acquired simply by tilting the light beam to the wall.

Automatic height finding

6. 1/N line segment division

The DP20 PRO bilateral laser distance meter comes with a special feature that allows users to divide a line segment into N smaller equal segments automatically.

As the user approaches a division point, the DP20 PRO emits a beep, and a middle laser produces a light beam to help mark out each small segment. The length of each divided segment is tracked and displayed on the meter's screen, making it easy for users to see their progress and ensure that the placement of objects is precise and uniform.

One of the main benefits of this 1/N line segment division feature is that it helps users place objects at consistent intervals with greater ease and precision. Users can freely set the segment size, ranging from 1/2 to 1/16, making it ideal for tasks such as landscaping or fencing.


7. App connectivity

DP20 Pro has an internal memory that stores 20 groups of data, but thanks to the App (Smart Life) we provided, it ramps up the number up to 200. There is real-time data synchronization between the laser measuring device and the App when a distance is acquired.

But that's not all; the app comes with a nifty feature that allows you to input data directly onto uploaded on-site photographs, enabling you to construct a plan directly on the picture. This way, you can take multiple measurements and sketch out a plan with significantly improved efficiency. In essence, the app is designed to simplify and streamline your measuring activities while on the job site.

App connectivity


DP20 Pro is a versatile laser measuring device that serves as an ideal work companion, allowing people to simplify and streamline a wide range of measuring activities, making their jobs much easier and faster. This article provides some insights on how to take advantage of DP20 Pro, a marvelous measurement tool to maximize job efficiency and productivity.


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