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How to Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency by Distance Measurement Devices?

Apr 7, 2022 Mileseey tools
How to Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency by Distance Measurement Devices

Good warehouses management is always the key factor to maximize efficiency. But during this section, you may realize that things are not that easy: You must have come across various warehouse problems, and one of the most pervasive ones is the difficulty that managers face while arranging goods in a limited space. Any unintentional mistake can result in a messy warehouse where you may lose track of many items, which is certainly a logistics and operational disaster. Poor space management will slow down daily life warehousing operations, as keeping track of incoming and outgoing goods becomes extremely difficult. 

Another omnipresent warehouse problem is the lack of useful and smart distance measurement devices that are bound to give you erroneous distances and measurements. Eventually, it would impact your plans regarding the usability of warehouses. Most of the time, you will end up wasting crucial space in your warehouse, thus reducing the efficiency of your facility.

Warehousing Measurement Devices

Why Is Distance Measurement Device Important to Warehouse Space Management?

Space is the most valuable asset of any warehouse. Those warehouses that manage their spaces well make the most profit through their operations. This is where the role of distance measurement devices comes in, as these devices help managers calculate spaces with extreme caution.

If you are not utilizing every single inch of your warehouse carefully, you are at the disadvantaged end. The most important factor is that you must arrange inventory in your warehouse to avoid disturbing transportation routes within the warehouse. And as you need to manage space both horizontally and vertically, the importance of distance measurement devices increases even further. If you do not measure the distance correctly, you can have the following consequences in your warehouse.

  • Wasting crucial space within the warehouse
  • Overloading your warehouse and end up messing with items
  • Damaging expensive items while overloading your warehouse
  • Block the pathways within your warehouse by falsely placing goods.
  • Placing further orders wrongly based on incorrect distance information


How to Maximize Your Warehouse Efficiency?

In order to maximize your warehouse efficiency, you are advised to follow this three-tiered approach.

Tap Measure
  • Measure the Storage Capacity of the Whole Warehouse

Firstly, you have to measure the storage capacity of the whole warehouse with the help of the best distance measurement device, as it would be the benchmark to calculate how many items you can bring in. If you do not calculate this accurately, it will set false benchmarks regarding the capacity of the warehouse. Thus, you would end up wasting huge time and effort.

  • Measure the Cube Size of the Warehouse

Next, you have to measure the cube size of your warehouse for the fact that all items will be three-dimensional, and they require both horizontal and vertical space to fit in. You will need an idea of how much you can arrange in any particular row or column. So, measuring the cube size will help you get insights into the arrangement of goods in the warehouse.

  • Calculate the Storage Cube Use

Storage cubes play a critical role in containing your items. Thus, you are recommended to use these cubes wisely as they won't perform to their maximum efficiency otherwise. And distance measurement devices can give you a good idea about these storage cubes' usage. How many cubes do you need to put in any specific area of the ware for better warehouse space management? Only a good distance measurement device can tell.


Advantages of Choosing Mileseey Laser Measure Tape DT20.

Mileseey laser measure tape DT20 allows you to measure distances with extreme accuracy. Hence, it minimizes the room for any sort of error in your measurements.  Mileseey distance measurement devices can help you in a variety of purposes, including warehouses management.

With its 3-in-1 design, you can benefit from HD digital display, laser measurer, and tape measurer from merely one device. Its compact design endows itself with huge flexibility while you carry it around. Also, the ergonomic-designed Mileseey DT20 offers you a clip to increase portability.

The Mileseey DT20 is not only a measurer but a powerful calculator: it can measure area, volume, and even the Pythagorean theorem. With so much data to deal with, this distance measurement device has the features of Bluetooth and large storage for you to store 20 groups of data, solving your multiple measurement needs.

Based on your requirement, you can use this distance measurement device in indoor decoration, DIY design, construction and industries, logistics, and warehouse.

laser measure tape

Wrapping up

Warehouse space management is no longer a tough task since now you have the high-efficient measuring tool provided by Mileseey. By manufacturing cutting-edge technologies in home improvement, industrial designs, engineering surveys, surveying and mapping, automation, logistics, railway transportation, and smart city, Mileseey has burned the midnight oil in proving our worth all over the world. Our consumer base is present in over 50 countries and amounts to 4.5 million users. We are chasing excellence in our pursuit of technology, and every new product incorporates unparallel features. So come and enjoy the beneficial distance measurement device now!

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