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How to elevate the performance of laser distance meter outdoors?

May 26, 2023 Leo Wong

Measure work outdoors with a laser distance meter will surely pose some challenges that can impact its accuracy and performance. However, by implementing effective strategies, you can significantly improve the measurement tool’s precision. This article aims to offer some insightful tips on optimizing the performance of a laser distance meter when measuring distance in outdoor environments.

The Challenges when using laser distance meters(LDMs) outdoors

outdoor laser distance meter

Movement Sensitivity

Even slight movements of the laser distance meter can cause significant variations in the position of the laser point. This issue becomes more pronounced when measuring over long distances outdoors. It can lead to inaccurate measurements and the need for repeated attempts to achieve precision.

Reduced Visibility in Bright Sunlight

In outdoor environments with intense sunlight, the visibility of the laser point is significantly diminished. The brightness of the laser output is limited by regulations, making it difficult to see the dot beyond a certain distance. This limitation affects the usability and effectiveness of the LDMs, particularly for longer measurements.

Obstacles Impeding Measurements

Outdoors, there are generally more obstacles that can obstruct the laser beam, thereby inhibiting accurate measurements over longer distances. These obstacles may include trees, buildings, uneven terrain, and other physical objects that can cause reflections, diffraction, or partial blockage of the laser path, impacting the accuracy of your measure work.

Limited Range of Laser Visibility

The maximum range at which the laser point remains visible outdoors is relatively limited, typically ranging from around 3 meters (9 feet) to 10 meters (30 feet) under bright sunlight. Beyond this range, it becomes challenging or impossible to locate the laser point accurately, hindering the measurement process.

Environmental Interference

Outdoor conditions such as dust, fog, rain, or haze can further degrade the visibility and accuracy of the laser point. These atmospheric factors can scatter or absorb the laser light, making it difficult to determine the precise point of reflection and resulting in potential measurement errors, compromising the measurement function of the laser distance meter.

Tips to Improve the Performance of LDMs Outdoors

Choose a light-colored target

Opt for a target with a lighter color, as it is easier to see the laser point against a lighter background. This helps improve visibility, especially over long distances or in bright light conditions.

Red laser enhancement glasses

Red laser enhancement glasses can make the laser beam appear brighter by reducing ambient light and filtering for the red light from the laser. This enhances the visibility of the red beam while making the surrounding area slightly darker. However, it's important not to confuse these glasses with laser safety glasses, which block the red laser light frequency.

LDMs with a built-in Optical Viewfinder

LDMs with a built-in optical viewfinder have been available since 1993. These viewfinders offer zoom capabilities and allow you to visually align and target the measurement point. They are a popular and affordable option compared to external viewfinders.

LDMs with digital viewfinder camera

Laser distance meters with on-screen displays features an adjustable zoom and integrated digital cameras. This allows you to aim and target the measurement point by looking at the screen, which is particularly useful when the laser point is not visible to the naked eye due to bright light conditions or long distances.

Laser distance meter with viewfinder camera

Green dot laser measures

Green laser technology is gaining popularity in laser measuring devices. Some manufacturers claim that green lasers are up to four times more visible than red lasers. While the range of green dot laser measures is currently limited compared to cross-line laser levels, it may expand in the future, providing better visibility in outdoor environments.

Optics and Lens Quality

High-quality optics and lenses are crucial for maximizing the signal strength. Ensure that the lenses are clean and free from any defects that could scatter or absorb the laser light

Scanning Mode

Some LDMs offer a scanning mode that allows you to take multiple measurements by sweeping the laser beam across the target. This can help average out variations and improve accuracy, particularly when measuring irregular surfaces or objects.

Use time-delayed measurement

Time-delayed measurement is an invaluable feature in outdoor laser distance meters that significantly enhances the accuracy of precise aiming over long distances. This feature addresses a critical challenge faced when attempting to obtain accurate measurements outdoors, where environmental factors like wind, vibrations, and hand tremors can cause the device to shake when pressing the measurement key. By incorporating a time delay, the laser distance meter allows the user to stabilize the device, eliminate any unintended movement, and ensure a steady and precise aim before capturing the measurement.

Laser measure tripod

Using a tripod with a laser distance measurer improves pointing accuracy and stability, especially when making outdoor measurements. Look for tripods that are stable, easy to adjust, and offer fine-tuning capabilities. Consider factors such as weight, size, and price when choosing a tripod that suits your needs.



Laser measure target plate

In cases where obtaining a reliable measurement of an object is challenging due to an uneven surface, a laser measure target plate can be used. It provides a definite point to sight and enhances the visibility of the laser point, especially in bright sunlight conditions.

laser measure reflective target

Choose a LDM with advanced signal processing technology 

Consider selecting an outdoor laser measuring tool with advanced laser emitting technology, such as PowerBurst and PowerChirp outdoor technologies in the P series of the Mileseey laser distance meter. These technologies filter out noise, compensate for interference, and amplify returned signals, boosting the measurement range and providing improved accuracy, which is particularly beneficial for large outdoor property measurements like venues or warehouses.

Regular Calibration and Maintenance

Regularly calibrate and maintain the LDM according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Calibration ensures accuracy, while proper maintenance helps keep the laser measuring tool in optimal condition for outdoor use.

Mileseey P9 professional outdoor laser distance meter

To guarantee an accurate and effective outdoor large view measurement, in addition to the tips provided, it is also advised to choose a professional outdoor laser distance meter. The Mileseey P9 is the epitome of the TOP of THE LINE laser distance meter specifically designed for outdoor use.

Mileseey P9 laser distance meter

The Mileseey P9 LDM is a laser measuring tool perfect choice for outdoor use due to its advanced features and capabilities. With a maximum range of 1300ft, it is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications. The P9 incorporates patented signal-enhancement technologies, Powerburst & PowerChirp, which significantly enhance the measurement range and environmental stability, ensuring accurate and reliable results even in challenging outdoor conditions.

The P9 is equipped with a convenient point viewfinder and camera shots feature, allowing you to easily lock onto the target object and capture measurements using the built-in camera. The device features Bluetooth connectivity, in total 14 basic and advanced measurement functions, a large, 3-inch color LCD display, providing a clear reading and vivid image, even in bright outdoor lighting. The powerful laser measuring tool ensures that you can easily view and interpret measurement data with ease.

Furthermore, the P9 offers four modes of power supply, including battery and wireless charging options, providing flexibility and convenience for outdoor use. Its advanced charging technology makes charging more convenient, ensuring uninterrupted operation during outdoor measurements.

Final thoughts

When using a LDM outdoors,

t is crucial to employ effective strategies to overcome challenges and optimize performance. It is also advised to buy a high-quality professional outdoor laser distance measurer. Based on our customers' feedback when it comes to the measurement tool they use outdoors, they have learned that investing in good-quality equipment is always a wise decision, whereas opting for outdated technology, even at a discounted price, often leads to regret. 


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