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How to Choose an Infrared Night Vision Monocular for Camping?

Mar 14, 2024 Mileseey tools

Having a lot of useful tools in your traveling bag is the major prerequisite of any traveling plan. Some of the tools are so necessary that you cannot even imagine your travel without them. While camping during the trip, you have to keep the whole survival kit with you. This kit includes a reliable tent, ax, knife, handheld emergency generator, heavy-duty flashlight, and most importantly, infrared night vision monocular.


Importance of Bringing a Night Vision Monocular to Camp

Bringing an infrared night vision monocular is so important that it should be placed at the top of your checklist before leaving for camping.

Infrared night vision monocular helps you see in the dark, thus allowing you to see far away at night, which is impossible otherwise. This tool is extremely helpful to see any animal, person, or distant object, which will assist you in deciding which place to camp and which place to avoid. Likewise, if you are away from the camping site, you can also check in advance from your standing position if a specific site is good for camping purposes or not. This will eventually help you select the camping site before actually moving to that place physically, saving you time and effort.

How to Choose an Infrared Night Vision Monocular for Camping?

However, as these infrared vision monoculars are gadgets of unparalleled use, you have to select them carefully if you want to get the maximum benefit out of them. Consider the following things before making a purchase:

  1. Size and Weight

It becomes difficult to carry if you get a too large and heavy infrared vision monocular. But if you get too small, you may not reap the true benefits from the monocular. For your reference, the standard dimensions of the best monocular for camping are 178*72*78 mm, and the weight is about 300 g.

  1. Exit Pupil

Exit pupil holds significant importance in infrared night vision monocular functioning as it dictates how much light can enter your eyes. If the exit pupil is small, only some rays will pass this aperture to reach your eyes, reducing the clearness while observing in the darkness.

  1. Magnification

An infrared night vision monocular must have good magnification, or the very reason to buy this tool will die. Therefore, try to aim for gadgets that offer at least five times magnification so that you can see things clearly even in the dark.

  1. Field of View

Field of View is perhaps one of the top things you want to consider while buying the monocular. This is due to the fact that a wider FoV can give you a broader picture of the scene you want to see. This way, you can notice even tiny details which will be missed if you use an infrared night vision monocular with a small FoV.

  1. Shooting

The camera is an important component of the monocular, specifically when you need to record the beautiful view. The monocular with camera and night vision helps you find spectacular scenes such as moving wild animals even in nighttime and record this surprising moment while observing them.

  1. Power Capacity

Higher Power capacity, also known as a larger battery of a monocular, allows you to see things for a longer time. To avoid feeling regret or disappointed, you are recommended to choose a monocular with a large power capacity.

night vision monocular

Benefits of Choosing Mileseey Night Vision Monocular NV20

When you look around, you will see a few infrared night vision monoculars. Mileseey night vision monocular NV20 stands out from the crowd among all those tools and gives you the best product for your next trip. Let's see some of the distinctive features of Mileseey’s monocular.

  1. 2-in-1 Design

Whether camping in the daytime or hunting at night, infrared NV20 is the one-stop solution for every traveler – you can use it in both daytime and night to see equally good results.

  1. 3-in-1 Features

Infrared NV20 comes up with 3-in-1 functions: You can use these tools as daytime monocular, night vision, and camera as well. With these powerful features, you can use this monocular for different purposes with an equally good user-friendly design.

  1. TFT Color LCD

Fast response and higher clearness, brightness, and better contrast are the only things most people see while buying the infrared monocular. By having a TFT color LCD, Mileseey NV20 has these qualities embedded, bringing your viewing experience to new heights.  

  1. 5X Optics Model/8X Electronic Mode

With the 5X optic model and 8X electrical mode magnification available, this tool gives incredibly high magnification, allowing you to observe from a distance with clear sight.

  1. Long Battery Life

Now you do not have to waste your time recharging your monocular battery again and again. Mileseey NV20 keeps your monocular up and running for as long as 7 hours, which will let you camp at the place of your need without worrying about the charging of Mileseey night vision monocular.

night vision monocular

 Wrapping up

Over time, Mileseey has achieved wonders in high-tech by rigorous R&D practices, state-of-the-art technology, and integrating industrial designs. We have specialized in advanced laser technology to manufacture various products and incorporate laser technology to reach more satisfaction from our clients. Focusing on four broader categories, we believe that our products as outdoor rangefinders, laser measures, night vision, and thermal imagers can meet your need at the best price!

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