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Golf Laser Rangefinder Buying Guide

Mar 14, 2024 Mengyao Ji
 golf rangefinder for golf play

Most pro golfers take pride in their experience on tackling an uneven uphill shot, or maybe even working a downhill one with obstacles that they’d rather hope not to encounter. More often than not, some are able to make it to the green, and some don’t. Estimating distance has always been a golfer's greatest challenge, let alone a seasoned player knowing how far he should let the ball fly. In such situations, even the wind comes into play.

What if a device were to help you make accurate distance measurements on the course. What if such equipment was legal and considered fair use in the game? Of course, you'd have to have it. It's called a laser golf rangefinder.

Whether you might be a novice or a tournament pro, you will eventually rely on this compact piece of equipment concurrent to improving your swing and ultimately lowering your handicap. Let this guide help you know what to look for when buying a laser golf rangefinder.

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What Is a Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a device that measures the exact distance from where you are in relation to the hole in a golf course. Your golfing skills, combined with the accurate measurement of that distance provided by your golf rangefinder, will let you know how hard and in what direction to hit your ball. That is, to deliver it where it should land using the golf club of your choice.

A rangefinder helps the golfer know the exact distance of the shot and dramatically improve its accuracy by using the device. There are currently two types of golf rangefinders: the laser type and the GPS variant.

 golf rangefinder for golf play

Two Types of Golf Rangefinder

Laser Golf Rangefinders

Laser rangefinder uses a laser (from point a) aimed at a reflective surface (point b) mounted on a golf course target. The beam is then reflected back to the rangefinder, which then measures the distance between the two points. The time it took for the beam to travel back into the rangefinder is used to calculate the exact distance.

The consensus among novices and pro golf players is that laser rangefinders are accurate between 1 to 1/10 of a yard. This, according to them, makes lasers more precise than GPS finders.

GPS Rangefinders

GPS or Global Positioning System rangefinders use various satellite signals to find the distance between you and your target. Some users think that although lasers are more accurate, GPS rangefinders, on the other hand, are much faster.

Like most instruments of its kind, GPS rangefinders use satellite imagery to show distances between the user and their target. Unlike lasers that might be blocked by trees and other obstacles on the ground, the GPS is free of terrain limitations and can deliver accurate information with or without obstacles on the earth’s surface - making it more reliable in relation to weather and ground conditions.

Benefits of Using A Golf Laser Rangefinder

For Golf Play

A laser rangefinder narrows the gap between the player's skill and the limitless unpredictability of terrain and wind conditions. Without taking away the variables of what makes the game of golf unique and exciting, it helps get the ball into that tight space of a point or line area where it needs to land in the hole, bearing a little bit more accuracy while saving time in the process.

Being target-oriented with the help of laser finders can also help you make decisions on which club to use. Additionally, it only takes seconds for a laser range finder to provide the player with a yardage reading, thereby reducing the mystery of distance and direction. Again, this happens without taking away the challenge of the game.

For Hunting

The use of rangefinders in hunting is primarily to provide real-time information on the distance between the hunter and his target. A rangefinder removes the guesswork out of knowing the exact distance between you and your prey. The benefit of it is making that clean shot to take down the target as soon as possible, without having to chase it down because of miscalculated distance, and hitting it where it is only maimed but not killed.

For Timber Cruising

Laser rangefinders can help reduce the time to take measurements and other pertinent data in the field. One of its very useful features is its ability to instantly take accurate tree measurements without manually doing it. The rangefinder can provide accurate data on tree height by taking measurements, pointing the laser to the base, and then pointing it to the treetop.

The inclination is then gathered from the data taken from these two points of reference.

Best Mileseey Laser Golf Rangefinder

Mileseey 660 Yards Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Mileseey Professional Precision 660 Yards Golf Rangefinder is a binocular device manufactured by the Milessey company and designed under the advice of a golf coach. It is tested many times over to perform accurately and consistently to improve your swing. You may also use it for hunting and watching a game from a distance. It should give you hours of accuracy and clarity that Mileseey products are known for.


The Mileseey Laser Golf Rangefinder is accurate up to ±0.5m/0.55yards within 600 m/660yards. It is currently the only device in its category able to hit this level of accuracy, while other range finders can only reach ±1 yard. These binoculars work great in measuring golf flags' distance, wooded areas, and other hazards.

Slope Reading

The Mileseey Pro 660 features an angle slope compensation with an accurate angle-compensated distance for both uphill and downhill. The shot is at -20<α<20. Note that this device features slope only.

The Display Screen

This device has an HD fixed-ranging system. It features a bright, high-resolution binocular screen.

Level of Magnification

The Pro 660 has a 6x magnification capability. It also has a dioptre adjustment of ±5D.

Stabilization/Scan Mode

The Mileseey laser rangefinder features a fast target lock technology. It quickly scans and locks the nearest target accurately using flagpole scan and slope compensation. It then provides the user an accurately measured distance to the flagpole, locking up to 200 yards.

Field of View

This laser rangefinder offers a 7-degree field of view with a fully multi-coated lens that provides clearer and more accurate measurements.

Maximum and Minimum Range

The Precision 660 can measure a minimum of 200m up to a maximum of 600m/660 yards. Its speed measures a total range of up to 18˜300km/h.

Overall, the Mileseey Laser Golf Rangefinder is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is press power, then hit the “fire” button to quickly get the readings.


Rangefinders can help you improve your game by taking the guesswork out of the distance between you and your target. It also reduces the unpredictability of the elements, giving you a fair edge as captain of your game. Knowing the exact measurements leaves you with the challenge of selecting the appropriate club to use and in which direction to hit the golf ball. This, in turn, gives you the confidence as a player while maintaining the discipline as an elite athlete playing to beat the odds in nature.

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