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Essential Hunting Gear for Night Hunting

Sep 13, 2022 CrossBorder Digital
night hunting gear

Night hunting has become popular over the years. With the advancement of new technology, many hunters prefer doing so during the night especially when there is good moonlight, while some hunters merely find nighttime fun. 

While hunting during the day has its own share of challenges, many hunters see night hunting as more challenging and exciting since there is limited vision at night. Plus, animals are not afraid of coming out at night. 

Hunters believe that there is better luck at night as one can rely on sound and tracks. This enables one to get closer to animals without being noticed in their presence.

As thrilling as it can be, it’s crucial to know how you can ensure your safety during your night hunting with common essential night hunting gear and night vision optics.

What animals can you hunt at night?

A wide variety of animals can be hunted at night. Wild boars are living everywhere, and they are available all year round since they reproduce in large numbers.

Coyotes, bobcats, bullfrogs, and even wolves are hunted, but state laws differ, so you should be aware of the regulations in the state where you are hunting. 

You may also pursue raccoons on foot during your hunt, but’s good to brace yourself for a possible long night since you’ll be walking on different terrain.

Essential hunting gear for night hunting

night hunting gear

New technologies for night hunting are available for hunters to maximize and improve their hunting experience. You may use LED lights, rangefinders, tactical scope, and thermal imager, among others. Aside from these new tools, you should not forget about the common essential hunting gear for night hunting.

Common night hunting gear

1. Hunting gun or rifle

First and foremost, you need a suitable hunting gun or hunting rifle that are easy to use. Many hunters want to avoid reloading hence it's a suitable option. Get a gun that doesn't produce a lot of noise, which could end up scaring away animals being hunted.

2. Hunting knives

Hunting knives are good for cutting the prey you hunted. Also, their thin point makes it easier access to smaller areas and is readily available. Hunting knives can handle butchering tasks such as cutting, skinning, and carving.

3. Firelighter

A firelighter is good in because they don't generate smoke and also doesn't cause sudden flare-ups when lighting up a fire. It is a useful item during cold weather. In that regard, if possible, plan well for the hunting expedition to ensure you go at the right season. At least the presence of a firelighter will keep everything balanced.

4. A first aid kit

This is a very important gear during night hunts in case one is injured during the night. A first aid kit comes in handy as it avoids further complications such as nose bleeding, minor wounds, and disinfection.

5. Safety blanket

A safety blanket is advantageous in that they can save people's lives in case someone catches fire. It can be thrown over them to kill flames. You can also use asafety blanket to keep yourself warm for a long hunting nights.

6. Flashlight

Flashlight is necessary not only for illumination but also for termporarily blinding other predators. In a case where predators come in large numbers, one can light on them to blind them. The flashlight will always help you to also light up the space that you'll be staying in the jungle and animals will always be scared - hence making your safety in the wild to be guaranteed.

7. Food and water

This is very important during hunting because, without food, you might end up losing all your energy in the hunting area. Water should never miss as well because it will keep you hydrated and active.

Night vision optics

Mileseey hunting rangefinder features

When we say essential night hunting gear, night vision optics are probably the most important tool you need. Night vision optics are required, so you can see, track, and aim your target correctly. You can choose from scopes, binoculars, monoculars, and hunting rangefinders for tactical optics.

Mileseey is the leading brand for night vision gear that hunters may use during their hunting sessions. You may choose from a variety of our binoculars, monoculars, hunting rangefinders, and thermal imagers, among our selection of tools and equipment.

1. Scopes and sights

Optics are installed on your rifle to facilitate long-range shooting. These are light enhancement devices that are designed for mounting weapons. They can be equipped with different types of night tubes and can be used both during the day and at night.

2. Binoculars and Monocular

Binoculars and monocular are another kind of optical devices that uses telescopes to sight targets on far distances. They are easy for the eye to gather vital information needed when given the target, and varies depending on the magnification, eyepiece diameter, lens piece diameter, aperture ratio, field-of-view, prism type used, and other factors.

Mileseey BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars is a multipurpose night vision binocular you can use both day and night, with photographing and video playback capabilities, 5X optics and 8X digital magnification, and 3 mode setings you can set according to your own preferences. 

Mileseey NV20 Night Vision Monocular, meanwhile, is a digital night vision infrared monocular from our line of night vision optics. It also has photographing and video playback capabilties, 5X optics and 8X digital magnification for up to 220 yards, and it is lightweight and handy, perfect for agile hunters.

3. Hunting Rangefinders

Hunting rangefinders are often used in night hunting to determine the hunter’s distance from a target, so they can strategize how they can hunt their prey. Hunting rangefinders can be used with hunting rifles, hunting guns, and even during bow hunting.

Mileseey PF2H Monocular Laser Hunting Rangefinder is a highly versatile laser hunting rangefinder that possesses bow mode and Angle Range Compensation (ARC) that calculates true horizontal distance as well as a line of sight distance for your accurate uphill and downhill shots.

Mileseey LK01 Auxiliary Ballistic Smart Laser Rangefinder is the best partner to your hunting rifle since you can attach it on your gun. It is your hunting assistant, equipped with pulse laser ranging sensor that works with smart digital rifle scopes, night vision goggles, or picatinny rails. It also has smart controls for quick operation.

Wrapping It Up

Hunting at night is one of the best experiences one can ever anticipate getting. But without the right hunting gears set in place, the experience can end up being worse than expected.

Tools such as hunting knives, flashlights, and binoculars are very important during night hunts as they make it easy for hunters to spot their prey. However, having the appropriate night vision optics can make or break your night hunts, so make sure to secure them before heading out.

Mileseey is the most reliable brand for night vision optics, thermal imaging, and laser hunting rangefinders preferred by many hunters worldwide.

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