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Can Pro Golfers Use a Rangefinder in a Golf Tournament

Mar 14, 2024 CrossBorder Digital
can pga players use rangefinders

If you’re an avid fan, a golf enthusiast, or a pro, you know estimating a distance is vital in golf, which makes rangefinders relevant in playing golf. However, can you use a rangefinder in tournaments and competitions? Find out in this article.

For a long time, golfers use their skills to gauge and estimate distances when playing golf. After all, getting the hang of estimating distances is a crucial skill that can make or break your swing. Typically, players don’t use rangefinders for tourneys and competitions, but the PGA has set the rules about this.

Can pro golfers use a rangefinder?


pro golfers use a rangefinder

Laser rangefinders are allowed to be used in a competitive PGA championship by professional golfers. Therefore, pro golfers can use a rangefinder; according to the Rules of Golf.

The golfers are only allowed to use the laser rangefinders to measure the distance. They are not permitted to use the equipment to calculate the true distance when playing on the slope.

Golfers are also not allowed to wind or use the device to compute other data in its capacity during the competitive game.

The main reason why the PGA allowed the golfers to use these devices was to make them more consistent with the Rules of Golf. It was also to promote fun in the golf play so that it can not be seen as a complete grind.

However, despite the PGA of America allowing the golfers to use the laser rangefinders in their championships, some professional golfers still use conventional or their own methods of determining the distance. They still feel comfortable with the conventional methods due to the wide range of experience estimating the distances as they play.

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When did the PGA allow rangefinders?

The new Rules of Golf were introduced in 2019 allowing the golfers to use their laser golf rangefinder devices alongside the GPS units. The rules permit golfers to use distance measuring devices when playing recreational and competitive games.

Dating back to 2014, local rules in golf have always allowed the pro golfers to use the laser rangefinders in different levels of competition.

For instance, in the R&A and USGA championships, the players have frequently been allowed to compete using the DMDs. Many other leagues and clubs have also permitted the players to use these devices for consistency.

According to the R&A and USGA, measuring the true distance of golf from the hole is a skill that does not need to be limited to anyone. Therefore, it is not what a caddie and a player can figure out by using a yardage book or other cues or sprinkle heads.

In addition, there is a need for distance sharing as it is public information and should be made available in the entire game. For this reason, the use of distance measuring devices has greatly improved the accuracy of the distance measured and enhanced distance sharing.

What are golf distance-measuring devices (DMDs)?

The golf distance measuring distances, also known as laser rangefinders and GPS units, are devices used to measure the distance between the hole and the golfer. The devices are the most accurate equipment for determining how far the golf is from the hole. Since professional golfers were allowed to use laser rangefinders in PGA championships, they have improved their game accuracy to become more precise.

The Mileseey golf laser rangefinders are the most preferred devices for accuracy and efficiency in measuring golf distance. Getting the Mileseey rangefinders gives you a chance to improve your professional game accuracy and win many competitive games.

Here’s a variety of laser golf rangefinder devices to choose from:

Mileseey PFS2

Mileseey PFS2 Outdoor Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope On/off

Are you looking for very simple and cheaper DMDs to help you improve your accuracy in measuring distances during golf play? Then Mileseey PFS2 is for you.

This is the most preferred outdoor golf laser rangefinder by many professional golfers as it produces the most accurate distances. You can purchase this incredible device from the Mileseey store today and experience its service commitment that will make you improve your golf play career effectively.

Mileseey PF260

Mileseey PF260 golf rangefinder

The Mileseey PF260 Laser Rangefinder is the best DMDs you need for your outdoor golf play, as it is rechargeable. Therefore, you will not have to worry when it runs out of power; you will only have to charge it and continue enjoying its service during the entire game. It also has a slope of on/off function and an attractive magnetic strip. This excellent laser rangefinder also has a more significant pulse vibration and is available at reasonably affordable prices. Therefore, you can make your order today to get this device from the Mileseey store to experience its best customer service.

Mileseey PF3S

The Mileseey PF3S Golf Scope Rangefinder is the best solution for measuring and calculating the actual distances in your golf play. This device comes with an external LCD, an on/off slope of a pulse vibration that makes it simple and easy to use.

This laser rangefinder is the best device for outdoor hunting and mountaineering. It is very affordable and will not hurt your wallet when you make an order today to experience its satisfactory service.

Wrapping It Up

Estimating distances is a skill many golfers have to gauge how much power they need to swing their clubs and get the ball to the hole. The Rules of Golf in 2019 allow using laser rangefinders recreationally or competitively while playing golf.

Mileseey is the most reliable brand for laser distance measure and rangefinders preferred by many professional golfers worldwide. The Mileseey laser rangefinders are designed with modern technology to offer you the most accurate distance when playing golf. The Mileseey laser golf rangefinders are easy to use and are suitable for beginners, but they can also be used by professional golfers to improve their game accuracy.

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