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Best High-Precision Laser Measure For Outdoor Use with Viewfinder Under 200 $

Apr 18, 2023 CrossBorder Digital
Laser Measure For Outdoor Use with Viewfinder Under 200 $

What is a high-precision laser measure?

High-precision laser measure utilizes laser technology to accurately measure distances with great precision. A laser device emits a focused beam of light that reflects off a target surface, and the time it takes for the beam to travel to the target and back is used to calculate the distance with extreme accuracy. With the ability to measure distances to fractions of a millimeter, these laser measures play an important role in various industries, including manufacturing, engineering, and construction, where precise measurements are crucial for project success.

These laser measures are versatile and can measure distances between two points, object height or width, or distances between objects in a given area. Some laser measures come with more advanced measuring features, such as angle measurement, the ability to calculate volumes and areas, Pythagorean measurement, trapezium Measurement, triangle Area Measurement, stake-out, etc.

high-precision laser measure

The challenges of using laser measures outdoors and the need for a specialized tool

Laser distance measures are used for measuring distances and length with high precision and accuracy. However, using laser measure outdoor can present some challenges. To begin with, the laser beam emitted by a laser ruler can be affected by a sunlight, causing it difficult to see. This makes it challenging to take accurate measurements especially on sunny bright days. Besides, outdoor surfaces, such as water, snow, metal can reflect the laser beam and cause it to bounce off in different directions, leading to inaccurate measurement if the laser measure is not adjusted properly. Wind can also cause the laser beam to sway, making it difficult to maintain a steady aim, resulting in inaccurate measurement, especially over long ranges.

Laser measures typically have a limited measuring range, and the accuracy can decrease as the distance increases. As outdoor measurement usually involves a large space or view, which makes it challenging to capture accurate measurement. Using the laser measure outdoors can drain the battery faster than indoor use, especially if the laser measuring device is used frequently. This can lead to more frequent battery recharging or replacement, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Extreme temperature is another factor that can affect the accuracy of a laser measuring device. When the temperature is too high or too low, the laser measure may malfunction. This is why we need a specialized laser measuring tool for outdoor use.

laser measuring tool for outdoor use

The importance of using an outdoor laser measure

Indoor laser measure is typically designed for use in controlled environments, and they may not be suitable for outdoor settings for a couple of limitations. Indoor laser measure has limited range, typically up to 100ft. This can be a significant limitation in outdoor settings where measurements need to be taken over much longer distances. Environmental factors such as bright sunlight, dust, rain, and fog can cause interference to the laser beam and consequently result in inaccurate readings. Reflective surfaces such as water, metal, and glass can also interfere with the laser beam and cause measuring inaccuracies. The indoor measure is also not built tough enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor jobsites. They may be more susceptible to damages from drops, bumps and exposure to the elements.

By contrast, an outdoor laser measure typically has longer ranges than an indoor laser measure. Depending on the model, an outdoor laser measure can measure distances up to several hundred meters. The outdoor laser measure with viewfinder allows you to locate the laser dot and target the exact spot you want to measure, reducing the chances of measuring errors. The outdoor laser measure is also designed to be durable enough to withstand tough outdoor conditions, such as rain, dust, and extreme temperatures, ensuring long-lasting uses and making them a reliable tool for both professional and DIY projects. These types of laser measure are also typically easy to use. With intuitive interface and clear display, they show you exactly what you are measuring and makes it easy to make accurate measurement without the requirement of usage training.

outdoor laser measure with viewfinder

Introducing the Mileseey S7 outdoor laser measure with viewfinder

The Mileseey S7 is a laser distance measure designed for professionals who work on large, busy and complicate job sites. It comes with in total 14 measuring modes, smart-base p2p technology, and an app connectivity. It has an IP65 rating and has been drop-tested at 1 meter, ensuring its durability. The device features a bright LCD screen and has an extra-long range of up to 330 ft. All these features make the Mileseey S7 a perfect tool for measuring tasks in demanding outdoor environments.

Built for outdoor precision measuring for long distance, the state-of-the-art patented PowerBurst and PowerChirp outdoor technologies of Mileseey S7 reduces signal interference, enables ultra-stable laser signals and boosts measurement range up to 330 ft max, and provides accuracy up to +/- 1/16", making it a perfect laser measuring device for outdoor large property measurement like venues or a warehouse.

The viewfinder camera that comes with the device has a 2x adjustable zoom and onscreen targeting crosshairs. This feature allows you to easily locate the laser dot and accurately take measurements even when working outside in bright sunlight.

Mileseey S7

The device has a built-in 360 ° tilt sensor and a smart base that work together to provide precise measurements between two point ( p2p technology). This can be done from a single location without the need to physically move the device.

laser measure p2p technology

The laser measuring device also provides an user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate with intuitive menu options. It features a rotation display that allows you to read measurements from any angle, and it can easily switch between a white text on black screen and a black text on white screen. The large 2.4” backlit IPS display ensures you can easily read measurements even in bright sunlight.

laser measuring device display

Mileseey S7 outdoor laser measure also has an impressive IP65 protection against water and dust and provides a comfortable and practical handle grip, allowing it to perform efficiently and endure challenging conditions in outdoor work environments.

Mileseey S7 outdoor laser measure IP65 protection

The S7 outdoor laser measure provides in total 14 measurement features that cater to various measurement requirements in different scenarios. It provides fundamental functions like single measurement, continuous measurement, area & volume, Pythagorean theory, along with more sophisticated features like auto horizontal & height measurement, point to point (P2P) measurement, trapezium measurement, triangle area measurement, circular area measurement, cylinder volume, stake-out, and time-delayed measurement.

laser measure connector

The laser measure also comes with a 1/4” bolt thread connector that enables the tool to be attached to a tripod for more accurate and stable measurements,  with an adjustment knob that allows you to set the laser measuring dot precisely where you need it to be.

To wrap it up, with extra-long measuring range, extreme accuracy and durability, versatile measuring features, intuitive user interface, Mileseey S7 outdoor laser measure is truly built for professionals for outdoor use at an easily affordable price. If you are looking for the best laser measure for outdoor use under 200 $, then look no further than the Mileseey S7 outdoor laser measure with viewfinder.

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