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3 Reasons for You to Choose an Infrared Thermal Scanner

Nov 30, 2021 toolsMileseey
mileseey infrared thermal scanner

Hundreds of large machines are used in mega factories, and maintaining them is a challenging task. How to simplify the hectic job of maintaining machines and identifying machine faults/cracks? A handheld infrared (IR) thermal scanner is widely used to monitor manufacturing processes and detect faults in machinery. As an industry owner, it is very necessary for you to buy an infrared thermal scanner. Here in this article, I have summarized the top 3 reasons for you to choose an infrared thermal scanner.  

The importance of temperature control by the Seveso disaster 

You might have heard about the Seveso disaster, which occurred on July 10th, 1976, in a small chemical manufacturing factor approximately 20 Km north of Milan, Italy. The highest reported exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) in residential populations was caused by a leak in the chemical industry. Overheating was the cause of the accident. The deadly gas cloud was 6 kilometers long and 1 kilometer broad. The incident was a disaster since it severely harmed soil bioavailability and resulted in various ailments in humans. In order to avoid such tragic manufacturing mishaps, you must keep a close eye on the temperature.


thermal scanner

The reasons for applying infrared thermal scanner in Industrial manufacture 

Now that you know, temperature control is very crucial for your industry's safety. To have a better check on temperature, you need an infrared thermal scanner

Maintaining the expensive machines.

Industrial machine maintenance is critical for extending the life of the equipment and ensuring smooth operations. You must keep a watch on its activities and conduct frequent inspections in order to detect any flaws. An infrared thermal scanner is an effective tool for industrial equipment maintenance.

Testing the adiabatic components 

The adiabatic components must also be tested, which necessitates the use of an infrared thermal scanner. Conducting the test is critical for a safe industrial operation.

Monitoring the manufacturing process

To ensure high-quality goods and safety, the manufacturing process must be closely supervised. An infrared thermal scanner is a great tool in this regard. 


infrared thermal scanner

Four factors in choosing a thermal scanner for more applications

Well, congratulations on making the wise decision to get the handy infrared thermal scanner. But first, let me go over a few things you should consider when purchasing an infrared thermal scanner.

  • Range of measurement 

The first factor is the range of measurements. The device should be accurate and sensitive with multiple measurement modes. 

  • Temperature resolution 

The temperature range is quite important, and a larger range is typically recommended. The device is better if it has a larger range. It is usually around -20℃~450℃ (4℉~842℉). 

  • Spatial resolution 

The spatial resolution is the next factor that you should keep in mind. The spatial resolution is the measure of the smallest object that can be resolved by the sensor. 

  • Stability 

The device's stability should never be ignored. The scanner should operate without a glitch in any situation.


temperature scanner

Why Mileseey's infrared thermal scanner is the best choice

Taking into account the aforementioned considerations as well as the particular requirements of our industrial clients. Mileseey has developed a cutting-edge infrared thermal scanner. Let me tell you all the advantages of the infrared thermal scanner. 

  • High-accuracy 

Mileseey Infrared (IR) thermal imager and visible light camera are very accurate. The Accuracy is ± 2℃ / ±2%, which is exceptional. You can snap pictures rapidly because of the incredible precision.

  • Multiple functions

The infrared thermometer camera has various features, such as an automated hot/cold spot tracker, a powerful LED light with adjustable emissivity, a huge memory with 2000 photos, a 3.5-inch wide LCD display, and a rechargeable 10-hour battery life, among others.

  • Clear display

The device has a clear display with a resolution of 320x240 piex, allowing for clear visuals to be shown.

  • Long-lasting battery

The 10H battery can give a long-lasting battery life. You can use it for a long time without rushing for a recharge every hour. 

  • Automatic hot/cold spot alarm 

The infrared thermal scanner's automated hot/cold spot tracker enables a quick scan and inspection alert for high/low temperatures.

  • Wide application 

The infrared thermal camera manufactured by Mileseey has a range of applications including, repair equipment, floor heating check, electricity maintenance, car repair, pipeline inspection, electronic component checks, etc. 


Mileseey has established itself as a pioneer in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry with over 12 years of expertise. It is a high-tech company that focuses on laser control and measurement and integrates industrial design, R&D, production, and sales. Contact us immediately to purchase the most cutting-edge and creative industrial equipment.

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