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12 Must-Have Features for A Premium Laser Distance Meter

Mar 20, 2024 Mileseey tools

Written by Tommy Yang

Chief product designer at Mileseey


Buying a Laser Distance Meter (LDM) can be overwhelming due to the many options available in the market. You might be wondering, why should you trust a company that specializes in selling LDMs?

Well, let me share some insights from my own experience in the industry. I have experience with making laser measure rulers and not all of them are the same. 

This guide will list 12 important factors to consider when purchasing a laser measure. These factors will help you make an informed decision and choose the best option.

1. Enhanced Outdoor Functionality with A Pointfinder Camera

A common challenge with LDMs is the difficulty seeing the laser dot in bright outdoor conditions. The best laser measurer has a digital pointfinder and digital zoom to easily locate the laser dot. There are temporary solutions available, but they are not as effective. This advancement allows precise targeting through the zoomed-in camera, saving time and ensuring accuracy during outdoor measurements.

The Mileseey S7 camera version is one of the best outdoor laser measures with a 4x pointfinder camera to help find the laser dot under bright sunlight.

Mileseey P9 laser measure

2. Advanced Tilt Sensor for Enhanced Accuracy

High-end LDMs feature built-in tilt sensors that significantly expand their laser precision capabilities. These sensors calculate angles and measure heights, slopes, and distances accurately, even in a room with obstacles.

For example, the tilt sensor can calculate the horizontal distance in crowded spaces. It does this by tilting the laser beam towards the wall. This calculation is done regardless of obstacles.

tilt sensor of Mileseey S20

3. Utilization as a Digital Level

The tilt sensor's versatility doesn't end with distance measurements. It turns your LDM into a digital level, letting users check surfaces for perfect leveling with accuracy of about 0.1 degrees.

4. Sunlight-Adaptive Screen Displays for Clear Readability

As an electronic measuring device, the latest LDMs boast vibrant, sunlight-visible displays with intuitive graphic user interfaces. These screens make it easier to navigate through the LDM’s features and read measurements clearly under any lighting conditions.

5. Advanced Protection for Tough Environments

Choose an LDM with a protection rating of IP65 or higher to ensure it withstands harsh conditions. These devices can tolerate mud, water, and being dropped from several feet without damage, making them ideal for rigorous work settings.

The most durable models, like the Mileseey S7 and P9 outdoor laser measure, can handle tough impacts and can even be cleaned with water

6. Realistic Working Temperature Range

Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can be detrimental to an electronic measuring tool. Before purchasing a laser measurer, check its specified storage and working temperature ranges.

Pro-grade LDMs are typically rated for storage between -10 to 70°C (-13 to 158°F) and for operation in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50°C (13 to 122°F). These temperature ranges ensure that the LDM can withstand the temperature extremes commonly encountered in various work environments.

7. Intelligent End-piece

Using an LDM for measuring doors or windows often involves taking diagonal measurements in corners. The issue occurs when the LDM's base is too wide and thick to reach the corner, causing inaccurate measurements. 

To overcome this issue, look for an LDM with an automatic or Intelligent end-piece. The measuring device adjusts the measurement by considering the length of the end-piece. This feature ensures accurate readings without the need for manual changes.

End-piece of a laser measure

8. Bluetooth & App connectivity

The integration of Bluetooth technology in LDMs marks a significant step forward. This feature allows real-time data transfer to Apps on smartphones or tablets, eliminating manual recording errors. Bluetooth SMART is widely used in modern devices. This makes it easier and more energy-efficient to ensure compatibility for your electronic measuring tools in the future.

9. Efficient Power Solutions for Longer Usage

To support the energy demands of modern color displays and advanced features, premium LDMs are shifting towards efficient battery technology.

Similar to what's used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles, rechargeable Lithium batteries offer extended usage and the convenience of recharging. Some models still accommodate standard AA or AAA batteries, but with the added advantage of using rechargeable varieties.

Rechargeable battery of Mileseey's laser measures

10.Touch-sensitive screen

A touchscreen on a premium laser measure significantly enhances user experience. A touchscreen is like a smartphone. It can be used by tapping and swiping, instead of using small buttons.

This makes the laser measuring tool easier to use and faster, as users can quickly move through functions. Touchscreens are user-friendly because they have simple icons and menus. This makes it easy for new users to learn and use them without any training.

11. Metal Thread Tripod

If your work requires functions like Pythagoras calculation or height tracking, a tripod becomes a must-have accessory. Frequent attachment and detachment of an LDM from a tripod can damage or break the threads on cheaper LDMs.

These threads are typically made of plastic. This damage occurs gradually over time. To ensure the longevity of your LDM, choose one that comes with a metal thread tripod. Our Mileseey laser distance meters are equipped with such tripods.

12. Various custom settings

The best laser measures have various custom setting options to meet users' needs. These options include units, text color, size, brightness, and reference. They are designed to make work easier and more efficient in different situations.


To summarize, the qualities mentioned in this guide are important for choosing the best laser measurers. Whether you're navigating the complexities of a cluttered construction site or meticulously planning a design project, having a reliable, durable, and feature-rich LDM, like those offered by Mileseey, can significantly enhance your efficiency and precision.

Remember, it's not just about getting the job done; it's about getting it done right with confidence, and the proper tool is key to that assurance.


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