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D9 Pro
World's 1st Laser Measure with Dual Aligning Indicators
Unprecedentedly Easy Alignment

The visual aligning laser indicator of the D9 Pro shows crystal-clear, fast and accurate alignment in capturing geometry of any objects.

Bilateral Aligning Laser
Indirect Measurements

The aligning laser makes the alignment breeze, taking measuring accuracy and efficiency to another level.

Cutting-edge Point-to-Point(P2P) Technology

Measurement of inaccessible areas and complex situations can be a daunting task. The D9 Pro incorporates a cutting-edge point-to-point (P2P) feature powered by built-in Intellipivot™, which accurately calculates the distance between any two points from one remote location.

Live Rotation Angle Display on Any Surface

The Mileseey D9 Pro comes equipped with state-of-the-art angle sensors and innovative real-time rotation angle display. The feature gives you real-time feedback of correct angle you need, aiding you in angle measurement of highest degree of accuracy on any surface.

Smart Indirect Horizontal Distance & Indirect Height
The D9 Pro offers various advanced indirect measuring features such as smart horizontal distance and vertical height.
PowerBurst & PowerChirp Technology
The D9 Pro capitalizes on Mileseey’ s patented PowerBurst & PowerChirp (PB&PC) technology driven by leading-edge photoelectric sensors, which offers increased peak laser power and a higher signal-to-noise ratio, providing an extended measuring range up to 330ft and a remarkable accuracy up to ±1/16”.
90LM Flashlight
Magnetic Mount
Mg-Al Alloy Construction

The 90 LM LED flashlight provides strong and focused illumination, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions and aiding in accurate measuring by illuminating the target area. The flashlight can be used without powering on the measuring device.

Maximal Energy Efficiency

Powered by our EcoPowerMax solution and 1800mAh rechargeable lion battery, a marvel of energy efficiency, the D9 Pro performs up to 30,000 measurements on just a 2-hour full charge. You can fully focus on your projects without any interruptions caused by a dead battery. You can work seamlessly throughout the day!

7- hour
Battery Runtime
The runtime of others
Customize Your Measurements

As professionals and DIYers are becoming more demanding on their project quality, it requires versatile features of a measuring tool to complete all the tasks. That’s where the device customization comes into play.

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Black/White Background
Package List
D9 Pro
Data Cable
User Manual
D9 Pro Laser Measure Master

D9 Pro





Laser Parameters 630-670nm,<1mW, Class II
Dual Aligning Indicators
Point-to-point Measurement(P2P)

Touch Screen


Single Distance

Continuous Measurement


Angle Measurement

✓, Rotating & Pitching Angle

Auto horizontal distance

Auto vertical height

App Connectivity

Reference Front/Rear/Tripod Center/Laser Level
Battery Type

1800mAH Rechargeable
Li-ion Battery

Battery Runtime

8H(without flashlight &
aligning lasers on)


35 groups

Timed Measurement

3s, 5s, off

Output Interface




Net Weight


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