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Mileseey Tools D9 Pro
Accuracy. Versatility. Convenience.
D9 Pro
Unmatched Convenience and Precision in One Tool
 The Mileseey D9 Pro represents the groundbreaking revolution in laser measurement tools, boasting innovative and breakthrough measuring features that handle tricky tasks effortlessly in home design and improvement projects. The revolutionary tool is designed to bring every touch of your spatial design vision and creativity into reality. 
Old-fashioned measurement methods can quickly go wrong, creating numerous troubles.
The D9 Pro’s cutting-edge technology ensures one accurate measure without the hassle, so you can avoid all common measuring issues:
Inconvenient Data Recording
Hard to Operate
Limited Measurement Modes
Unfriendly Data Reading Experience
Lack of Alignment Lines
Measuring is a crucial part of any indoor design or improvement project.
With D9 Pro, you will never need to measure twice or deal with these issues
Measurement Between Any Point
More Convenient Than Ever
Measuring hard-to-reach areas can be challenging, often requiring ladders or other cumbersome tools. With the D9 Pro's advanced point-to-point (P2P) function, you can now measure distances between any two points from a single location. This innovative feature ensures precise and safe measurements in complex scenarios.
Easy Alignment and Marking
Bilateral Aligning Laser
The D9 Pro, with the bilateral visual aligning laser, raises the bar for measurement tools by delivering advanced capabilities in alignment and marking. This innovative technology simplifies complex tasks, enhances accuracy, and speeds up operations across diverse applications. Whether aligning structural components in construction, marking precise measurements in architectural layouts, ensuring symmetrical furniture placement in interior design, or creating visually appealing outdoor spaces in landscaping, the D9 Pro empowers both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to achieve superior results with efficiency and effectiveness.
Intuitive Measuring Feedback
Live Angle Display
The D9 Pro's Live Angle Display feature allows you to use the laser reference line as your starting point. As you move the device away from this initial line, it accurately displays the real-time angle formed between the current reference line and the original one on any surface. This capability provides immediate confirmation of the correct angle required for precise measurements on various surfaces, making it invaluable for tasks like installing shelves, aligning furniture, setting up fixtures, ensuring accurate framing angles in construction, or many other situations.
Simplify Workflow
App Data Sync
Sync your measurements with the app to streamline your workflow. Easily access, store, and share your measurement data for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
18 Measuring Modes
Meeting Any Critical Calculation
The D9 Pro sets itself apart by offering an expansive selection of 18 measuring modes, the most diverse in the market. It includes essential modes such as distance, area, and volume measurements for foundational tasks. Additionally, it boasts advanced modes like Pythagorean theorem calculations and stakeout functions, catering to both basic and intricate measurement needs. This versatility ensures professionals and DIY enthusiasts have the precise tools required for accurate results in any complex project.
Optimal Readability
Dark and Light Modes
Adjust the screen between dark and light modes for enhanced readability in any environment, ensuring measurements are always easy to see. Dark mode is perfect for sunny outdoor conditions, reducing screen reflection, while light mode is optimal for indoor spaces and dimly lit areas.
Straightforward Operation
Touch Screen
The large 2.4’’ IPS touch screen on the D9 Pro brings more convenient and intuitive operation, allowing you to effortlessly navigate between measuring modes. You can easily swipe between modes with intuitive simplicity, whether you're measuring distances, areas, volumes, angles, or using the Pythagorean theorem for indirect measurements.
Easy Attachment and Access
Magnetic Stripe
The built-in magnetic stripe allows easy attachment to metal surfaces, keeping your device secure and accessible, freeing your hands for safer, more efficient work.
measuring range
remarkable accuracy
up to ±1/16”
PowerBurst & PowerChirp Technology
The D9 Pro capitalizes on Mileseey’ s patented PowerBurst & PowerChirp (PB&PC) technology driven by leading-edge photoelectric sensors, which offers increased peak laser power and a higher signal-to-noise ratio, providing an extended measuring range up to 330ft and a remarkable accuracy up to ±1/16”.
Feature Meets Function
The high durability isn't just about toughness; it's your assur ance of reliability, longevity, and confidence in any project.
The reinforced magnesium-aluminium alloy also well protects the critical inner components of D9 Pro, allowing it to be drop-rated to 1m.
Feature Meets Function
The reinforced magnesium-aluminium alloy also well protects the critical inner components of D9 Pro, allowing it to be drop-rated to 1m.
The high durability isn't just about toughness; it's your assur ance of reliability, longevity, and confidence in any project.
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Modern DIY Projects
Cray Birkenwald
Voices from MILESEEY Community
Michael Bhandari
The MiLESEEY D9 Pro Laser Measure is a great tool for both pros and DIY fans. It's super accurate, easy to use, and can handle lots of different tasks. Even though it might take a bit to get the hang of, it's worth it because it's so useful. With this tool, you don't have to climb up ladders to measure tricky spots, which saves you time and makes sure you get it right. Overall, it's a top-notch addition to my toolbox!
Jared Kreger
If you work construction your job just got easier by twenty percent, this thing is easy to use and it is so accurate it works great and has a great battery life, I haven't needed to charge it once yet, it was an amazing value and I highly recommend 5 stars.
Leon lathrope
This product has been very useful in my job when quoting and checking distances for cable runs I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking
Grace Churchill
I was trying to get some measurements in my back yard for some spring replanting and redesigning and was going bonkers trying to do it with a 100 foot tape measure. EVERY time a little wind blew it screwed up my measurements. I was about t just throw the whole idea out the gate when I saw this on Amazon. I immediately ordered it and was over the moon happy about the way it works and how well it gives me ACCURATE measurements. Now I can go forward with the redesign and create MY happy space!!
Christopher Robin
This works great. It's fast, accurate and best of all it stores the data on my phone. I am able to get a floor plan in 1/2 the time and frankly, it way more accurate that I am. Overall, this purchase perfectly matches its description, and I am extremely satisfied with the product. It definitely deserves a five-star rating!
Product Comparison
Visual aligning laser
Point-to-Point(P2P) Measurement without tripod
Live angle display
Flatness detecting
2.4” IPS touch screen
Measuring functions
Battery type
Battery runtime
Large font mode
Auto screen rotation
Magnetic mount
18 Measuring modes
1800mAh Rechargeable Lion
30,000 measurements
Reinforced magnesium- aluminium alloy
11 Measuring modes
2 x AA
5,000 measurements
Plastic, Rubber
9 Measuring modes
2 x 1.5 V AAA
8,000 measurements
Plastic, Rubber
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