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Top 6 Things to Notice When Choosing Night Vision Rangefinder for Hunting

Aug 1, 2022 CrossBorder Digital
Night Vision Rangefinder for Hunting

A night vision rangefinder is a must-to-have gadget for hunters as it can help them hunt animals easily. Without a proper rangefinder, hunters find little charm in shooting, as they cannot even lock their targets precisely. Hunters often find themselves in low-light conditions when they are searching for the perfect hunt, as many of them go in the night for hunting. This is where the night vision rangefinders come to their rescue, as these devices can help them see their targets even in difficult conditions. Night vision rangefinders can also be used to help avoid dangerous animals or other hazards that might be lurking in the darkness.

What is Night Vision Rangefinder?

A night vision rangefinder is a device that helps you find your targets' range in the dark. These devices illuminate your target in low-light conditions so that you can hit your targets accurately. With the help of infrared light in these devices, it is easier to find the prey in dark conditions. Similarly, these devices can also help you record the experience along the way in high resolution, so you do not need a separate camera.

Six Indicators for Good Night Vision Rangefinders

As the saying goes: “a good beginning is half done.” Here, a good night vision rangefinder with dedicated indicators is half done in your hunting. And Mileseey rangefinders can be your best choices for they can satisfy your needs in many respects like resolution, range, screen size, etc.


A night vision rangefinder with high resolution will help you get an ultra-clear image of your target. Without high-resolution rangefinders, you may end up getting a blurry image of your target and end up missing the target. Therefore, a high resolution should be a decisive factor influencing your purchasing decision.


Hunters need to lock their targets from quite a distance, so they need those night vision rangefinders to help them see their target from far away. However, pursuing a higher distance does not mean you should compromise on the resolution.

Display Screen Size

One of the important parameters for judging a night vision rangefinder is the display screen size of these devices. This is important because you will need a proper screen to see your target while shooting. If the screen is too small, the device may not suit the best hunting needs since it will not even display the whole animal in one frame.

Field of View

Another important parameter to consider while buying a rangefinder is the Field of View of the device. With a larger field of view, a wide range of scenes can fit in your frame, which can help you capture more animals easily. However, a device with a small field of view can only help you capture what is present in a straight line, thus minimizing your chances of finding prey.


When you go hunting, you may need a long-lasting battery for your night vision rangefinder. This is only possible if you use a rangefinder with long battery life, which allows you to hunt all day long without any charging worries.


Whether the rangefinder is monocular or binocular also impacts your hunting, so you need to consider this factor as well while getting your device. A monocular rangefinder shows you a better display of the target compared with a binocular rangefinder.



Mileseey BNV20 Rangefinder

You may find a lot of rangefinders, but not all of them guarantee you an incredible hunting experience. With full functional features and standing-out performance, the Mileseey BNV20 rangefinder is perfect for you to observe wildlife, hunting, camping, fishing, farm security, or outdoor exploration. The following features can help you have a better understanding of our products:

  • Infrared CMOS sensors, which ensure perfect images both day and night.
  • 5X optical and 8X digital zoom
  • 4.5" LCD Screen for a comfortable viewing experience
  • Photo, video, and playback functionality
  • Sliding angle display
  • Slope angle calculation
  • Provide 3 different modes, including Professional Mode, Game Mode, and Pure Mode
  • 2000mA rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • 32 GB TF card for data storage
  • More than 650 feet of night vision in complete darkness


Mileseey is the trendsetter in introducing cost-effective rangefinders in China. With the passing of time, we have managed to expand our operations, as we now provide these products to more than 50 nations. We have nearly 125 intellectual properties under our name, which allows us to bring more innovations to the market. Mileseey night vision rangefinders are developed after rigorous research, which helps us expand our manufacturing centers to almost 6000 m2, where we are busy making state-of-the-art products round the clock.

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