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Mileseey XTape1 VS Reekon T1 Tomahawk: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Jun 14, 2024 Mileseey tools

What Is A Digital Tape Measure

The invention of digital tape measure has changed the way people capture measurement data. Capitalizing on advanced tape-reading technology, a digital tape measure shows accurate measurement results on a crystal-clear screen display, avoiding the need for manual interpretation of blade scale. The groundbreaking gadget takes measuring accuracy and work efficiency to another level.

The XTape1, which has just been launched on Kickstarter by Mileseey, and its  rival, Reekon T1 tomahawk, represent the pinnacle of digital tape measure innovation. This article will dive deep into the key features of the two  leading-edge digital tape measures, providing insights into how they distinguish from each other and how they can help elevate the quality of your projects.  

Mileseey XTape1 VS Reekon T1: A Detailed Comparison


The readout reliability is perhaps the biggest concern of users of digital tape measures. A lab-based test shows how the two devices vary in readout consistency.

Mileseey XTape 1: leveraging the newly upgraded Super OptiTracking Engine™ sensor, the Mileseey XTape 1 provides zero-failure and consistently accurate digital data, even when the tape blade is pulled out rapidly and with excessive forces.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: Relying on an old-fashioned optical tape reading technology, the Reekon T1 occasionally fails to display the reading data, with slashes displayed on the screen that signal reading failure when the tape blade is stretched or retracted fast. The faster speed and more forward pressure you apply to the blade extension, the higher the rate of reading failure.


Accuracy plays a crucial role in the project quality. A low and inconsistent accuracy can lead to costly working errors, and consequently delay your project.

Mileseey XTape 1: The Super OptiTracking Engine™ tape reading sensor features a vision-based identification process and detects the minute natural surface features of the blade surface, which are then converted into tape reading data. The advanced technology results in unrivaled accuracy within 1/32”. Meanwhile, the Mileseey XTape 1 also contains advanced compensation algorithms, maintaining consistent accuracy even when the blade is subject to dust, water, mud, or tape scratches.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: The device still uses traditional optical sensor and the printed reading patterns on he blade to identify the position and produce data. The sensor cannot accurately detect the reading patterns once they gradually wear off, leading to inaccurate results or reading errors. While Reekon T1 tomahawk also advertises an accuracy of up to 1/32”, it may not be able offer an consistent accuracy over a duration of use.


The best digital tape measure should be able to measure any distance, near or far, as a limited measuring distance oftentimes can hinder your work, particularly in large-scale projects.

Mileseey XTape 1: The Mileseey XTape 1 combines an advanced digital tape measure with a laser unit in a modular setup, boasting a measuring range of up to 330ft. The perfect pair of digital tape and a laser unit significantly boosts the versatility of the device, allowing it to not only measure short distances, like sizing a piece of wood with the tape measure, but easily approach measuring tasks in inaccessible areas using the laser, like capturing dimensions of ceilings.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: The T1 tomahawk only features a 25ft tape measure. The tape blade will collapse when you try to extend it to the end to measure unreachable areas. This confines its usage only to projects associated with short-distance measuring tasks. For projects involving a plethora of long-range measurements, like interior design, home improvement or renovation, the T1 tomahawk is of no use at all.

Green Laser Line

The green laser line of a digital tape measure is a unique innovation, offering fast and accurate alignment when capturing references.

Mileseey XTape1: The XTape 1 incorporates the highest-grade industry-level green laser, projecting a line that extends to multiple wall surfaces. This not only allows easy alignment in small-scale projects, like cutting and drilling in woodworking, but large-scale projects like leveling hangings, cabinets or floors in interior design. The XTape 1 even allows you to adjust the extending range to adapt to different scenarios.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: The green laser line of Reekon T1 tomahawk only extends to the left and right of the device, offering alignment and marking only in small-scale cutting or drilling tasks.

Measuring Functions

Mileseey XTape1The Mileseey XTape1 offers in total 9 direct and indirect measuring modes. Alongside the basic distance measurement, the cutting-edge device allows for advanced indirect measurement when you activate the laser, including indirect length, indirect height ,and point-to-point measurement. This makes measurement in cluttered or complex space a breeze.

For example, when you’re measuring a horizontal distance while an obstacle blocks the laser, you can tilt the laser above the obstacle and click the measure button, the device automatically calculates the horizontal distance using trigonometry.

There is also the innovative 1/N Line Split Function that can automatically divide a line into N equal smaller segments, allowing you to easily and precisely place items at even intervals and evenly space things out.

The Zeroing Function permits users to zero the number when taking incremental measurements. This avoids the need for cumbersome math calculations when measuring each increment using the tape.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: As T1 tomahawk only features tape measurement, it only provides a single distance measurement. The device also allows for measuring incremental distances without the need to do any math operations.

Angle Measurement

Mileseey XTape1: The XTape1 boasts an industry-first live angle display, giving you vivid real-time angle updates when you rotate the device, providing exceptionally intuitive, accurate and engaging angle measurement.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: The angle measurement is not an included feature of T1 tomahawk. You need a separate angle measurement tool when using the device.

Durability And Blade Robustness

Mileseey XTape1: Mileseey always places durability as a priority. Utilizing polished alloy and enforced PC & ABS materials, the XTape1 is drop-resistant to 1.5 meters. The highest-grade steel blade ensures the highest blade robustness, with a standout distance of up to 13ft.  

The XTape1 is made for global use. So you can choose either an imperial marking or metric marking module depending on your region. The markings are printed on both sides of the blade.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: The device is encased in glass-filled nylon with urethane protection ribs, surrounding critical internal components, enabling the T1 to be drop-rated to 1m. The thermoplastic blade coating also gives the T1 blade a high durability.

Display Customization

Mileseey XTape1: The XTape 1 features a color and wide 2” IPS display. Moreover, it is designed with a wide variety of display customization for optimal

readability. The large font mode is what you need if you want a clear and clean interface. The white or black text enables the best reading experience in different lighting conditions, bright or dark. The screen orientation setting ensures both left-handed and right-handed people have the right screen display when reading the data.

And there is even an innovative ”tape measure” display where numbers are displayed on a blade-like interface, preserving your habit of reading the traditional tape while operating the advanced device.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: the T1 tomahawk only features a mono-black OLED screen, and does not offer a display personalization to adapt to different using scenarios. 

APP Connectivity

Mileseey XTape1: The XTape 1 features a dedicated APP that stores the data transmitted from the device and allows for data annotation to the hand-drawn  space plan or uploaded picture of the interior space. You can export the annotated plan or picture for the follow-up CAD use.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: The ROCK app of T1 allows for centralized collection of all measurement data used on a job site, and compiles it on a cut list for follow-up projects.

The Design

Mileseey XTape1: The XTape1 features an industry-first modular design, where an advanced digital tape and laser unit are connected in an innovative modular setup. The unique design redefines sustainability and saves your costs because you can quickly swap the old tape module when it gets old rather than discard the entire device and splurge to buy a whole new one.

The XTape1, composed of more than 500 parts, is 100% hand-made and assembled. This unrivaled attention to detail contributes to its timeless aesthetics and best-of-the-class product quality.

The product only weighs around 1 pound with a portable size (162.5*51*67.5mm), significantly reducing your carrying load and hand strain over a long period of use.

Reekon T1 tomahawk: Durability is the main concept of the design. While The T1 tomahawk allows for blade replacement, you have to return it to the manufacturing center or buy a new one with high expense once a crucial internal electronic component malfunctions.

The Best Digital Tape Measure: Authors View

While Mileseey XTape1 Reekon T1 tomahawk are both top-of-the-line digital tape measures, the Mileseey XTtape is overall more advanced in terms of both performance innovations and design. Combining a leading-edge laser unit, the Mileseey XTape 1 is technically a more advanced Digital Laser Tape Measure, more versatile, accurate, sustainable, and aesthetic.

The Reekon T1 tomahawk is perhaps a good budget choice only for woodworkers or other tradespeople who demand a pro-grade tool. However, the Mileseey XTape1 is designed to meet the demand for higher project qualities of creative communities, standing out with more cutting-edge features and rigorous tool standard to not only take measurements, but unleash the full creative potential of interior designers, home decor lovers, DIYers, and creative tradespeople who demand a more advanced tool.

You can now enjoy a Kickstater launch exclusive discount up to 50% off of the next-gen measurement gadget.

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